10 Feb

Debi was a superficial ex-hairdresser with a penchant for gossip, and a scintilla of bawdy drinker.  I found her long, manicured nails, dyed blond hair, and bright lipstick quite meretricious and inappropriate for the dirty, animal-related  work of veterinary-assistant.  I’m not sure why Mary would hire such a superficial person–it must have been to mitigate some of the burden at work.  I think Kim got along with Debi because she was in proximity, then Mary had no choice but to partially let Debi into the inner circle.  I know for a fact Mary could not be placated that Kim kept mixing work and personal friends–Mary wanted to keep them entirely separate for secrecy purposes.  I also know Mary complained of the age difference between Kim and her friends–first me with 17 years difference, then Debi with 10 years.

I have no idea how Kim and Debi’s relationship burgeoned to best friend status–I was unable to see what Kim saw in Debi.  Maybe she was just the only person around Kim could drink with, which appeased her loneliness.  Kim liked Debi’s family just as well as Debi, so maybe it mollified some need in Kim to be a part of family–Lord knows Mary kept her at arm’s length from the Minor family.  Maybe Debi was the only one of Kim’s friends Mary partially approved of so they were “allowed” to hang out.  It’s possible Kim just was so far gone she was comforted by any sort of drinking buddy.  I figured if Kim liked her there must be good reason.

Despite my misgivings I trusted Debi to some extent–because Kim did.  I ould chat with Debi at work, sometimes about Kim and Mary and what was going on at the Cabin-Mansion.  Also, when I was cut out of Mary’s life I felt like Debi could alleviate some of my burden.  She seemed to be an insider and I thought she might know something I didn’t.  Talking to her relieved a bit of pain that was building in me–it was a small thread between someone I encountered often and my former closeness with both Kim and Mary.  She was also one of few that understood the situation even if it was a very meager knowledge of what was really going on.  I was soothed to have one person that vaguely knew what I was talking about.

I did not enter into these conversations blind.  Debi’s mannered concern barely masked her desire to learn as much gossip as possible about her boss.  I realized that she was fishing for as much fodder as she could get.  I tried to placate a little of her strong curiosity by divulging mere details, while mostly keeping secret things under-wraps.  It seemed either Debi was two-faced or she wavered between liking and disliking Mary.  Debi would allay any of my concerns by bringing up how Mary treated Kim badly, was obviously cheating with the hairdresser, and was generally a different person at home and at work.

I didn’t really like Debi’s caustic, almost mean-spirited sense of humor and remarks.

I regret talking to Debi at all.  I wish I had not trusted her at all, because she is just as much of a transparent, status-seeker as Kathy.  I think she remained on Mary’s good side to take part in the fun-times, free food (and drink), and money.

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