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Myspace Withdrawals (or Why I’m on WordPress)

20 Feb

Everyone left Myspace.  I kept my account for a long time hoping, Facebook was just a (boring) phase and I would be re-joined by legions of friends.  Other than all the spam and pre-teen drama, Myspace was really awesome.  I loved that I could customize my profile, and wasted countless hours getting it just the way I liked it.  I also liked the music lists that could be created.  You could listen to all kinds of artists and post them to your page if you liked their stuff.  But it was the blogging that really made Myspace superior!  The stats soothed my OCD and my blog background was very cool and custom.  It was ink-well rainbow thingies.

Instead of trying to copy Facebook, creators of Myspace should have played up their OWN assets.  After awhile I realized people had left for Facebook in droves never to return.  It was just Tom, me, and the bots so I collected my blogs, mourned the loss of all the great music, and deleted my super-cute profile.

I found LastFM to replace the music, and I love it.  Check it out of you haven’t already.  They keep listening stats, compile all kinds of lists, and put millions of (even obscure) artist bios, music samples, and related people right at your fingertips.

I joined Facebook for my social networking needs, and I’m not the biggest fan of it.  I think all the rules that keep getting added are sneaky, the format is plain, and I can never get a representative selection of friends on my feed, even though I have selected the option to show all most recent posts.  But, for social networking you have to be where everyone else is, so I guess I’m stuck with Facebook.

I did not know where to turn for a blogging forum.  I loved the daily, weekly, yearly view count Myspace maintained on each of my blogs.  I loved the blog comments, and I had a large readership there.  I pasted some entries to LiveJournal and here to see which I would like better.  I guess LiveJournal is becoming antediluvian just like Myspace, so I turn to WordPress.

Now I struggle to find some sort of readership for my own blogs, and find blogs I’m interested in reading.  Also, I want to customize my blog to the hilt, but it’s a slow, arduous process that will take time.  Anyway, if I randomly subscribed to your blog, that’s the explanation.  Any hints, tips, tricks regarding WordPress?  I’d love to hear them!