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Goal-Oriented Sentiments

7 Mar

Not to be sketchy, but I totally copied this blog from “One-Twenty-Five,” my favorite (weight loss to her, motivation to me) blog, because I am not savvy enough to “re-blog” yet.  At any rate, I think her stanza represents chasing ANY goal, and pursuing happiness through hard work in many facets of life:  Vet School, anyone???

Weight Loss Is…


  • hard work
  • sweat
  • determination
  • sacrifice [oh, the sacrifice!]
  • not taking the easy way out
  • not being stupid
  • not lying to yourself
  • tracking numbers
  • taking measurements
  • not cheating
  • believing in yourself
  • being shallow at times
  • wanting to live longer
  • to feel sexy
  • not letting a bad day affect you
  • caring
  • never taking the easy way out
  • knowing it’s not, “never,” it’s just, “not now”
  • reaching out for help
  • to strut like you own it
  • having no self doubt
  • becoming healthier
  • going public
  • to lose the jiggle
  • feeling successful
  • saying ‘no,’ more than ‘yes’
  • going to sleep at night happy
  • working towards a goal
  • reaching a goal
  • wanting to be the best person you can be
  • realizing you’re worth it