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Eating Crow

14 Mar

Is that what they call it when you regulate on someone for doing something stupid, then you turn around and do that same stupid thing later?  So that you look really silly and have to eat your words?  And the person you originally admonished gets to laugh in your face?

So our neighbors are really obnoxious.  We have issued noise complaints against the lady next door at LEAST four times–probably more.  And the landlord doesn’t seem to care (or do anything about it) even though the quiet hours in the lease are being violated.  It’s always the same gal–Debbie.  I know her name, (and all her business) because she is so loud.  I suspect the landlord is friends with her though, as she seems more annoyed when we complain then with someone continuously breaking the lease.

Also, the apartment complex next door burned down at the hands of an extremely careless resident, so I was (understandably, I think) concerned about fire safety.  I noted the neighbors all have BBQs on their patios and I was concerned what would happen if those caught fire.  This isn’t implausible because they neighbors all smoke and drink a lot, and are generally stupid, irresponsible individuals.  I looked up BBQ, and found there is a ban on BBQs at public and shared buildings in Washington state.  Also, the lease specifies that no one should have a BBQ on their patio.  It makes sense because one person’s carelessness can burn down everyone’s unit.  It would kill our cats, and might kill us.  AND, unless you have renter’s insurance (who does?) you lose everything and won’t be reimbursed–too bad, so sad.  Also, you would be displaced from the current residence and no one has to make living accommodations for you.  All bad news.   I wrote to the landlord, voicing my fire-safety concerns, and she totally blew me off.  Was irritated I said anything, and made me feel crazy for bringing it up at all.

Cut to last Friday.  I’m at work all day and have no car.  Cool gets to hang out at home for awhile before picking me up from work.  Then, we went to Grocery Outlet to do some shopping.  While at the store our lanlord calls and says our smoke alarm is going off.  I was petrified!  Long story short, while Cool was home, she began boiling water on the stove to make tea.  Then she stupidly *insert* fucking-stupidly left the apartment to go pick me up without turning off the oven.

So the neighbors called and said the smoke detector was going off, and the landlord went inside and shut the stove off and took the battery out of the detector.  She did not open the sliding glass door or move the cats to the bedroom to open the front door.  I was livid at the situation and I was scared it might happen again.  Also, it made me look really, really hypocritical for complaining about fire hazzards, then having the biggest risk in my own apartment.

Everything inside the apartment turned out all right:  Nothing burned (not even the pan), no perminant smoke damage, and the cats were only a little nervous but otherwise unscathed.  I made sure to write the landlord a thank you for letting us know so quickly, and she just HAD to get her digs in about the neighbors.  “Thank your wonderful neighbors for saying something!”  I couldn’t stomach it–I still think the fucking neighbor is the loudest, most inconsiderate bitch, who might yet burn down the entire complex.  But since my own girlfriend is careless, I look like the shit-head.  I was so mad, I couldn’t help but to write back:  “Anyone would call if an alarm was going off for an extended period of time, not to mention possibility of impending danger to your own apartment.”

I end with:  Fuck you neighbors, I am not thankful for you in any way, Landlord, you are a biased (toward said neighbors) piece of shit, and Goddamn it Cool–please don’t burn down the house!!!!  Should I have to eat crow that’s not mine?!