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GRE Prep

17 Apr

In trying to gear up for my GRE test (a mere 5 weeks from now!) I have been trying to study in 4 hour blocks.  All quantitative because I’m worse at it, and fairly slow with it.  I haven’t really found a method of time-keeping for the math section that I love.  If I try to do a few problems and keep an eye on time, then I waste even more minutes trying to figure out time per problem and what I have left.  In trying to time each problem, I think I probably waste seconds keeping a close watch on the clock.  Anyone know of quant timing hints?

Aside from my time situation, I think I’m on track with my preparation.   I can manage to sit and study for the necessary length of time, have my tips and tricks arsenal in place, and am burning through the vocab flashcards.  I need to practice for the writing sections a little more and take a full-length practice test, and I think I’ll be ready.

Sample Issue Topics:

Sample Argument Topics:

Oh, and take a drive to the test site so I can time how long that takes and be confident about the location.  I don’t want any extra stress on test day.

Wish me luck, share any tips 🙂