Back Up Plan

18 Apr

If this veterinary thing doesn’t work out, I need to have a “big girl” career option.  I can’t choose a back up plan!  If it’s not veterinary medicine, I am not really interested. . .

Well, I do have an interest in feminism.  But how does that translate to a paying job?  I could see myself teaching Women’s Studies at a university.  How do you qualify for such things?  Do you need an actual PhD or will a Masters do?  What are the criterion for furthering my women’s studies education, and where are possible locations to do this?

So far I have more questions then answers–I don’t know if this is a viable back up plan for me.  If anyone has these answers I would greatly appreciate your insight!

One Response to “Back Up Plan”

  1. kit10phish April 21, 2011 at 7:52 AM #

    To teach in women’s studies, it greatly helps to have a Ph.D. (must-have for university level teaching, but you’re more likely to get a position at the community college level, too.)

    You can major in anything before getting a higher degree in women’s studies. My own Ph.D is in sociology, with an emphasis on women’s issues. (My undergrad was in business!)

    If you’re having a hard time finding programs in women’s studies, you can always major in sociology, w/emphasis on gender/women’s issues. That may actually be your best bet for university teaching. Most people I know who teach women’s studies have a Ph.D. in sociology.

    UC Santa Cruz is particularly great on women’s studies, though.

    But here’s a link that can guide you on women’s studies programs in U.S.

    I didn’t find getting a job to be too difficult. However, w/budget cuts in CA right now, I’m sure it would be much more difficult. In CA there is a lot of job insecurity in the state college system at all levels (UC, state, community college). If you’re in another state, you may be much better off.

    Careers in women’s studies include: human resources, social work (need MSW), health, teaching, government, counseling and community work such as sexual assault prevention and rape crises councilor.

    Here are a few specific jobs I know people who’ve majored in women’s studies have: educate school children on interpersonal violence, YWCA case manager for battered women, program director for discussion group for same-sex parents, family coach providing conflict management for families, law clerk to DC Superior Court Judge, program manager @ Nat’l Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, founded Women’s Business Initiative, fundraiser for non-profits, victims services, nursing home admin.

    Additionally, women’s studies can prepare students who seek to go into law, medicine and business.

    Hope that helps.

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