Vote Against Women

26 Apr

Who are these “Democrats” voting against funding for Planned Parenthood?

By the tenets of the Democratic Party, each individual has responsibilities toward society and the nation. Each one of us – by Democratic point of view – has the obligation to respect human life, to respect the rights of others, to be tolerant, to be honest, to have self-control, to respect property of others, and to participate in the democratic processes of this nation.  I thought democrats were supposed to be liberal and progressive?  They are always touted as such–though I am suspicious of any partisan activity at all and prefer individual analysis of what is best for the country.  That said, liberals are quick to attack republicans, and as I expected it’s patriarchy in general that is to blame–not (entirely) the ultra conservatives.  Apparently those democrats are not immune to capitalistic pressures to renounce women’s best interests.  Democrats, by voting against education, birth control, health care, and easy access to female care in general, these politicians are violating the rules of their party.  And no matter your feelings on feminism, education is never a bad thing.  The continuing trend in voting against education will come back to haunt us as a nation.

I’m callin’ you out–you are a disappointment to Democrats politicians that have integrity (is that an oxymoran?) in the United States, and I hope you are voted out of office promptly!   I am looking at you:

Mike Ross of Arkansas

Daniel Lipinski and Jerry Costello of Illinois

Joe Donelly of Indiana

Collin Peterson of Minnesota

Mike McIntyre and Heath Shuler of North Carolina

Mark Critz of Pennsylvania

and Nick Rahall of West Virginia.

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