Breaking Down Issue Topics + GRE Study

29 Apr


+Being a parent is imperative to understanding humanity.

-However life without a child can be just as meaningful and enriching.

-A full life can be realized without raising children–just look at Oprah’s success and philanthropy.

-People who do not have children have greater freedom to expand their horizons and fulfill meaningful aspirations.


+The introduction of the internet has made libraries antediluvian and unnecessary.

-Though the internet has provided a plethora of easily accessible information, libraries are still an important resource for scholarly materials.  Address the research and the use of land

-The internet is widely available and simple to use, but this advantage can be its downfall because the information gleaned from the computer is not always complete or accurate.

-Demolishing libraries in favor of more efficient public purposes would be a tragedy, because not only does it destroy a n important part of our history, it would take away materials not found elsewhere and librarians ready to help find the appropriate books.


9:55 AM

+Studying noncontmporary forms of expression is unnecessary.

-It is important to understand noncontemporary subject matter to gain perspective on current themes.

-Current art, philosophy, and literature draws on past works so it is important to study the past.  And there is no evidence these items are antiquated–where would we draw the line between old and new?

-An appreciation for culture is inchoate when students study the way things used to be.

-Noncontemporary items have impacted the world in more ways then we realize, so it is imperative to know these so we can look to the future in an enlightened way.

10:03 AM (8 min)


10:03 AM

+American patriotism is best expressed by the phrase, “Any means necessary.”  Not the best topic to choose, b/c it features no points to agree with or refute.

-Liberal-minded citizens that believe in compromise and compassion are just as patriotic as those who are jingoists.

-The impassioned cry of, “any means necessary” implies a bellicose point of view that is aggressive in nature, which does not equate with love for the United States.

-America is recognized for our broad views and acceptance of everyone, and taking such a drastic approach to running the country is detrimental to those important values.  Freedom is a tenant of America and this view violates it.

-In taking such a hard stance, these self-proclaimed patriots marginalize those who are not as zealous, and that is not what America is all about.

10:14 AM (11 min)


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