My Gripe List

3 May

Cool had the idea of writing her biggest pet peeves with social networking sites–stuff you cannot say on those forums (Facebook) b/c one of your friends will get all irate.  Here’s mine in no particular order:

JUST because you are religious and love God, does not mean you have to say it on Facebook daily, preface every status update with it, or heaven forbid–use the word “glorious.”

Everyone thinks their kids are the most adorable, smartest, creatures on the planet.  BUT they are the center of your world–not mine.  I don’t need to hear about their every smile, cold, or BM.

Games, games, games!  I hate the effing games, don’t wanna see what corn you planted or star you lined up, and I certainly do not wanna join in the foolishness!  I block at least one game every day–sometimes three.

Links and videos:  I hate them, and I will never open them.  Don’t post them.  Don’t send them to me.  Thank you and you’re welcome.

Jumping on the bandwagon:  Whatever hype is going on whether it be Valentine’s Day, the Superbowl, or political news–I am sure to hear about it a gazillion times on my Facebook news feed.  Ugh–people, 1.  think for yourselves 2.  I don’t give a FUCK.

On pregnancy:  You are not the first woman in history to have a child.  You therefore do not need to tell me every mundane aspect of said pregnancy, update me on the timeline of number of seconds before you have the child, or post a trillion pictures of the same unmoving glob of new life after post-birth.

Wedding pictures:  A few are fine–and even interesting.  A hundred different albums each featuring a million different poses of the same second get real old real fast.

I never, never want to hear your baby daddy drama, your bitchy laments about your perceived fake friends, or how you constantly hate everyone and everything.  I especially don’t need to read such drama in misspelled slang and all caps.

I don’t care that you get your drink on every Friday, Saturday, or whatever day of the week.  As a continuation of this one, I do not need a countdown to Friday–especially starting on Monday.  What you and the girls do during time off, how $hit-faced you got last night, or how hung over you were the next day are not a concern of mine at all.

Redundancy.  Redundancy.  Redundancy.  No matter what it is:  Status updates, pictures, games, whatever– it makes me want to poke my eyes out when I see the same things from you over and over again.  Vary it up or shut up.

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