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4 May

I like higher end beers, but am not fancy enough to know what characteristics match my taste preferences.  Hops, alcohol content, malt–mean absolutely nothing to me.  I find it difficult to pick a new beer, because I don’t really know what profile I like best.  I just know the brands I’ve liked in the past, and I know when I drink something if I DON’T like it.  Here are some of my favorites:

Top-Tier Favorite:  Hales Super-Goose IPA

I think I like IPAs a lot, but I don’t know the difference really. . .  I think there are different kinds of IPA’s–or different, but similar letters.  Who knows. . .

Good for warm weather:  A.B.’s Shock Top Raspberry Wheat

Best in the cold weather:  Black Butte Porter

Staple:  Blue Moon + orange slice in any seasonal variety

Most Alaskans and Samuel Adams are drinkable.  Also fruit-ers are my friend.

My favorite beer season is fall, and I don’t really favor the summer blonde beers.  Which is just as well since the empty carbs in beer don’t really make for the best swimsuit-ready body.  I switch to wine and champagne in the warmer months.  In fall and winter I can drink beer without guilt (or an overabundance of crunchies).

And I have never, nor will I ever try yicky cheap beers such as Bud, Miller, Heinkein *barf* to drinking urine.