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My GRE Test Map

23 May

45 min issue essay

-10 min +agree statement; oppoisition statement, then state my side for intro

-10-min to write conclusion with generalized importance of issue or philospophy behind issue.

-20 min to brainstorm support topics, and write each one in sep paragraph.

–1 paragraph with rhetorical question

–another paragraph with descriptive passage

–third paragraph with financial implications and quote.

-5 min to edit and add points to intro

1 min break to roll neck and breathe

30 min analyize an argument essay.

-3 min to restate argument and tell how it makes illogical assumptions that makes it flawed. As intro

-10 min to state argument, say it suffered from certain assumptions and write implication.  Conclusion.

-10 min to brainstorm all points that are not well-reasoned, and put them in separate paragraphs.

-2 min to go back and write each paragraph topic in intro

-5 min to edit

10 min break to stand up, stretch, and breathe.

30 min for 30 Q verbal

–9 Q in first 10 min

–10 Q in 2nd 10 min

–11 Q in 3rd 10 min

devote 7 min per reading comprehension passage

1 min break to breathe and stretch

45 min for 28 Q Quantitative reasoning

–24 min for 9 Q

–21 min for rest of Qs

–skip all non-obvious charts

-read the quant reasoning Answers before doing the problem

-use my own # for variables whenever possible

-use the answer to solve when possible

-use most freq answers when stumped