Ratings of Indigo Girls CDs (that I own)

2 Jun

Despite Our Differences
The songs fit together well and the majority of my staples are on this one.
The second album with variations on the songs is a cool idea too.
Nomads, Indians, & Saints
Mostly for sentimental reasons–it was the first disc of theirs I ever heard.
Also, because every song on that album is a good one, and they go together well.

Become You
I like the somber tone of this album a lot.
It just scraped ahead of Poseidon b/c it’s also nice background music for studying.

Staring Down the Brilliant Dream
Most comprehensive chart notes! Also very original interpretations (and featured artists) of staple songs. This one ranks above Poseidon and All That We Let In, b/c it includes some of my fave songs from those albums, has a high energy from being live, and because I was actually AT one of the concerts on the CD.


Poseidon And the Bitter Bug
Features a lot of really awesome and lively songs

All That We Let In
This disc seems to flow together and tell a story.
Also a personal pick, b/c I attended 3 concerts in this tour.

1200 Curfews
I like the how they made the live versions sound so different than the originals.

Indigo Girls
Because, duh, it includes many of the most popular IG songs.
Includes my personal favorite, “Closer to Fine.”

Happy Holly Days
Major points for encompassing many religions, and not being like every other x-mas CD. It can’t really rank higher because there are only a few songs that aren’t seasonal.

Come On Now Social = Shaming of the Sun
Very political so they are socially meaningful as well as catchy.

I like the idea of digging out stuff not frequently heard.

These are good listens, but they just mean a little less to me–maybe because I found them well after the original release date:

Rites of Passage = Swamp Ophelia

Strange Fire


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