Let the Statistics Begin! [All the GRE Scores]

3 Jun

I have given the ETS soooooo much money that I don’t even want to think about it.  I took the PSAT, SAT (twice), ACT, MCAT, and bought numerous study guides.  Taking the GRE 3 times (and paying for it 4 times, plus for one date change) was the icing on the financial cake.  The first time I took the test I was in the middle of a full college course load plus working almost full-time to meet expenses.  Needless to say there wasn’t much time to study, so I devoted those hours to graded courses.  Read:  I did not study for the first GRE test even a little bit.  The second exam got just as little attention, plus some douche-bag professor made some huge, critical assignment due near my test date at the least minute.  I skipped the test (and work) to finish this college assignment.  Yes, the test center was nice enough to call my work (which I had missed to take the GRE) to ask where I was.  It was not pretty.  The third time, I moved states before my test date, so had to pay to change the date and location of the test.  Then, I went to the GRE exam at 12:50 to make my 1:00 PM test time.  Unfortunately, my test actually started at 11:00 AM.  They let me take the test anyway, and not wanting to waste MORE money, I received my scores–though I had been terribly rushed during the test.  As I had studied, my scores were actually better than the first time around.  This time, I started preparing early, bought bunches of study books, and took time off work to study.  I gave my best efforts for sure.  At any rate, here are my scores.

new score translation of 5/24/11 scores:

V=157; 77th percentile

Q=150; 53rd percentile [ick, I liked how this looked on the old system better!]

W= still 5.0


V= 560

Q= 630

W= 5.0


V= 500

Q= 540

W= 4.0


V= 430

Q= 430

W= 4.5

I raised my verbal score by 60 points from my 2007 test to the current one.  That’s an overall 130 points higher than my original score!  For math (my weakest subject in school) I raise the score first 110 points, then another 90, for a total increase of 200 points!!!  My complete score has gone up by 330 points, and I don’t think that’s anything to sneeze it.

I felt proud of my scores, because they were higher than before, what I felt were an acceptable level, and because I truely could not have tried any harder.  I seriously gave it my all.  And who knew I would score higher on the quantitative section than verbal-yay me!

That is, I felt proud until I began looking at the scores of accepted veterinary students.  Most schools had verbal scores in the 500-550 range.  So my scores were compatible.  What I found to be really bleak, was the fact the veterinary quantitative score were sitting in the 650-750 range!  So I suddenly felt like a failure.  I could not possibly get my math scores any higher, and had been amazed at how elevated they were!

It made me question my career choice.  Maybe I need to face reality and admit, my math scores are just not good enough for veterinary school.  Maybe I should look at another career option.  And do I want to spend my life working long hours on weekends and holidays, dealing with crummy clients, and uncaring staff?  Is veterinary medicine still what I want???  It’s a big question, and may be life-altering.  I’ve been chasing this dream with such diligence, for so long that it has become my personality–but do I still want it?  Am I following this course because that’s what I do, that what others expect of me, and it’s what I’m already geared towards–or because I still really, really desire it?  I really have to think hard about it.

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