Copy Cat

11 Jun

It seems no one is original anymore.  A lot of places just reuse names of other cities, towns, and countries when they name their own places.  Missouri is notorious for it.  Either they plain ‘ol steal a name, then mispronounce it, or they add a ville to the end.  Here is a sampling:

Albany, Amsterdam, Augusta, Atlanta, Austin, Bakersfield, Berkley, Billings, Buffalo, Cairo, Columbia, Denver, Eugene, Eureka, Four Seasons, Gainesville, Helena, Houston, Jackson, Jacksonville, Lebanon, Lexington, Lincoln, Louisiana, Manchester, Martinsville, Maryland (Heights), Memphis, Mexico, Milan, Montreal, Moscow (Mills), Nevada, (New) Bloomfield, (New) Boston, (New) Cambria, (New) Florence, (New) Franklin, (New) Hampton, (New) Hartsford, (New) London, (New) Madrid, Normandy, Nottinghill, Oregon, Paris, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Portland, Princeton, Quincy, Richmond, Riverside, Saint Paul, Salem, Santa Fe, Savannah, Spokane, Springfield, Stockton, Syracuse, Verona, Versailles, Vienna, Waco, Washington, Westboro, Williamsburg, and Yukon.

Is EVERY state like this?  Or is Missouri the worst???


One Response to “Copy Cat”

  1. KC June 11, 2011 at 5:48 PM #

    Marlyand did this too… there’s a Takoma park named after Tacoma (the original name for Mt. Rainier was Mt. Tahoma) and there is also a Rainier in Maryland which is funny.

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