I’m Part of the Band!

19 Jun

I went to see Minus the Bear last night as part of Cool’s belated birthday activities.  Even though she had totally overplayed two of their songs in particular and ruined them for me, the live show was amazing.  And those two songs in particular were awesome live.  The concert experience was so fun, because everything just kinda fell into place without a lot of effort on my part.  I had initially found out they were playing our city at all just randomly perusing the venue’s web page.  We went downtown early to get fondue at The Melting Pot so we were able to get parking immediately outside of the venue.  We walked around lost in the pouring rain for a bit, which wasn’t the ideal, but that was the only inconvenience of the night.  Though Melting Pot was unavailable (of course) without reservations, Twix martini bar is right in the area so we settled for a couple of dessert martinis.  I say settled as if it was the least bit disappointing, which martinis never are.  We walked right into the venue without a wait, and it must have been some sort of adult entrance because we showed ID, got our arm bands, and were able to grab a table in the drinking area immediately.  A table right by the bathrooms and the exit.  And after a martini and a half plus three beers I was really having fun.  Everything went so well for us!

The first opener was called Empty Space Orchestra and they were good.  So great that I went out in the hall to buy one of their CDs.  The merch-tender(?) told me $10 for the newest CD that I wanted.  I figured getting the newest would be the best bet since I didn’t really know them as artists.  Then she said $5 for the older one, nah still wanted the newest,  OR $12 for both.  What a deal!!!  So I grabbed both.  I liked their music and loved the way the bass player moved.  I can’t explain, and the video didn’t turn out, but trust me, it was exciting to watch.  Seeing a new band live also made me think about the past concerts I’ve been to.  I’ll make a list in a future blog.

Minus the Bear, as expected, was exciting to watch and listen to live.  The coolest part of the evening was during the encore.  We left our table at the drinking area and went down to the floor–right in front too.  I was grooving to the music and generally just having a good time taking it all in, when the bass player looked right at ME gave a thumbs up and waved.  Right at ME!!!  And I locked eyes with him and waved back–I was officially acknowledged as part of the band for a brief moment!!!  I turned to the amazonian gal to my right tapped her shoulder (ok I couldn’t possibly reach that high) and asked, “Isn’t this awesome?!”  She nodded or something, I didn’t care that much.  Then, the security guard, who apparently had not recognized that I was now in the band, got right up to me and said, “You gotta get back, you gotta get back.”  To which I replied, “This is awkward.”  All in all it was stellar!

I’m a true fan of both bands now.  And any other rock/alternative band with a keyboard.

One Response to “I’m Part of the Band!”

  1. KC June 19, 2011 at 9:20 AM #

    So much fun last night!

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