Picky, Picky (re-blog from Dinner: A Love Story)

23 Jun

I LOVE food, so it’s really disappointing when my mate won’t deviate from the normal standby meals.  A picky eater in the house means you eat the same ‘ol tried and true meals night after night (no matter how tasty, it still gets boring), and severely limits what restaurants we can go to.  I think I could eat anything–or at least TRY it, save for french fries.  But she is very picky, to the point it would be easier to list her likes (well-done steaks, pizza, potatoes, cheese) rather than dislikes (tomatoes, mushrooms, sushi, seafood, eggs, brots, corned beef hash, on and on).

Not even one bite?!

So this borrowed paragraph makes me laugh knowingly:

Here’s a question: how do you get your [Cool] to try something new? We’ve deployed various methods over the years, including but not limited to: bribery (eat this, get that), blackmail (you don’t eat this, you don’t get that), begging (dear god, I am begging you, just one bite), guilt (but poor mommy spent twenty minutes making these fava beans for you!), rebranding (well, yes, if you want to get all technical about it: white broccoli is cauliflower, happy now?), and camouflaging (what? the pancakes taste weird today? Hmmm. I’m sure it has absolutely nothing to do with the flax seed we put in the batter). Each of these techniques has its place, depending on your level of existential dread and desperation, but each always tends to leave us feeling a little cheap or duplicitious (but only for a second). Which is why, these days, we’ve been so into the idea of getting the kids to invest in their own food, and their own choices: if you involve them in what they eat from the beginning, they’re a lot more willing — excited, even – to give it a shot. I think there’s a basic management principle in here somewhere, which I could articulate if I knew anything about basic management. My best attempt: if you give your li’l employees a seat at the table, they’re a lot more likely to care.

BUT my mate recently discovered she likes to cook, and I think it’s helping us branch out a little.  Now, if I could just get her to try sushi. . .



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