Ha! I ALWAYS Knew Potatoes Were the Devil! (Re-Post from Food Politics)

27 Jun


So Harvard University came out with a study that news reporters are saying tells us that those who tend to eat more potatoes gain x amount of weight over 10 years…What do you make of this?…could it be possible that potatoes themselves are not the culprit and rather those who tend to eat more potatoes have a fattier diet or perhaps more sedentary lifestyle.

It could indeed.  The study, which came out in the New England Journal of Medicine last week, looked at the weight gained by more than 100,000 people who had filled out diet questionnaires in 1986 or later.  It correlates what people said they ate with weight gained over periods of 4 years:

The results show that people who said they habitually ate potato chips, potatoes, or fries—as well as the the other foods in the top part of the diagram—were more likely to gain weight.

People who reported frequent eating of the foods in the lower part of the diagram were likely to have lost weight.

What fun!  The study assigns pounds of weight gained or lost to specific foods.

The study also did a more detailed analysis.  This showed that French fries were linked to the greatest weight gain: 3.35 pounds over a 4-year period.  If you habitually eat French fries, you may have a hard time controlling your weight.

No surprise.  I recently ordered a side of fries in an excellent restaurant and was floored by the size of the order Eat a small handful: no problem.  But this order surely hit 800 calories.  Fortunately, there were four of us to share it.

Here’s how I explained the study to Katherine Hobsen of the Wall Street Journal (June 23):

Marion Nestle, New York University professor of nutrition and public health, expressed surprise that potato products were linked with more weight gain than desserts like cake, cookies and doughnuts, which contribute the most calories to the American diet, other research shows. She says she suspects people who eat potato chips and fries also tend to eat too much in general, making these foods markers for a diet leading to weight gain.


One Response to “Ha! I ALWAYS Knew Potatoes Were the Devil! (Re-Post from Food Politics)”

  1. KC July 7, 2011 at 6:52 AM #

    In the news: July 7 , 2011:
    Overweight redhead drops out of beauty contest, citing abuse
    An overweight, ginger-haired front runner in a modelling contest was forced to quit the competition after he was threatened and abused.
    An overweight, ginger-haired front-runner in a modeling contest was forced to quit the competition after he was threatened and abused, according to reports.

    Roland Bunce, from Belfast polled 66,000 votes to beat 5000 competitors to be the new face of clothing chain Next.

    The 24-year-old IT worker became a global internet hit after his application for the contest went viral. Bunce stood to win around $3000, a photo shoot and an introduction to top modelling agency Storm, which represents supermodel Kate Moss.

    Placed in the top 250 of hottest models, Bunce gained a legion of fans on Facebook and Twitter but found life as a poster boy for the unconventionally beautiful tough going.

    He would have gone before a judging panel in the final round along with 249 other winners later this month, but a post put on his Facebook page yesterday read: “Just to let you all know I am quitting the Next Model contest.”

    “It was a big honor to win and it’s been fun but the amount of abuse I’ve been getting since Thursday is out of control and I’ve now just been threatened. “Thanks to everyone who has supported me but I am now bowing out before this gets any worse.”

    The decision to retire disappointed many of his supporters, who had formed the Facebook group Roland Bunce to win Next Model 2011.

    Jorja McKenzie said on the page, “It’s a sad day when discrimination is around us 24/7 and the word ‘model’ is used just for the skinny and rich,” she said.

    “I’m sad you pulled out but you had to before people hunt you down like a pack of wolves to voice their unneeded opinion on you or worse. Proud of you Roland.”

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