Get Out of My Dreams!

29 Jun

The last time I spoke to her (or had any direct communication, for that matter) was December 2007, and yet Dream-Mary always sneaks into my unconscious. Her hostile presence, accusatory questions, and disregard for me is always there with her. I always wake up feeling depressed and anxious. . .


I’m not certain what it all means.  Was I completely derailed by the Cabin-Mansion experience?  Yes.  Are my perceptions of this person changed entirely?  Certainly.  Did we leave things a little (OK, a lot) unresolved?  Definitely.  Would I like to avoid this situation in real life?  Totally!  But I don’t know why I still dream about it three and a half (wow-has it been THAT long?) years later.

I’d be happy to finish my book and never think about her and all her drama again.

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