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“A Stolen Life” book review

15 Jul

I bought Jaycee Lee Dugard’s book yesterday and had read it in one 4 hour sitting.  I was riveted.  The book describes her cold step-father, her naive life in Lake Tahoe, and the kidnapping in a few short chapters.  As a side-note, I had never even thought people could get their hands on a stun gun.  This was how she was grabbed so quickly off the street.

Like her real life, the majority of the book focuses on her subsequent captivity, torture, and sexual torment at the hands of the Garridos.  Not for the faint of heart!  When she describes losing her virginity to Phillip or his drug-fueled “runs” I felt disgusted, sick, and sorry.  Despite detailed descriptions of  seclusion and sexual abuse, some of the saddest portions of the book talk about pets she was allowed to have.  This guy gave the little girl cats, them took them away, cats were eaten by dogs in front of her, birds froze to death–her broken heart with each animal incident was palpable.  Jaycee Lee wraps up the book talking about her rescue and new life.

The book is very well written and I’m glad she shared her story.  The whole thing made me furious about Phillip Garrido’s many prior offenses, broken parole, and the apathy of the system in regards to his case.  He saw a psychiatrist 3 days prior to kidnapping Dugard and 4 days after he had taken her to fulfill his sexual fantasies.  Time and again he escaped consequences of his repeated, terrible actions!  It’s a good example of how rapists and pedophiles are irredeemable and should be put to death the FIRST time they are caught.  It would sure save a lot of innocence–and money.

After reading the book, I felt even more how this could have happened to me–any little girl.  Like me, Jaycee Lee was just a little blond girl in pink stretch pants.  The had large teeth, and a love of animals, especially cats.  I am so lucky that it wasn’t be grabbed from the bus stop!  My heart goes out to the Dugards, and I hope both Garridos suffer greatly before they burn in hell.