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Body Trade

26 Jul

There are 108,000 people in America alone that are waiting for an organ.  108,000!  The most coveted are:  Hearts, livers, and kidneys.  According to the Mayo clinic, doctors will not impede a person’s health to get their hands on your organs.  The ER doctor and the transplant doctors are different specialties and unlikely to communicate until AFTER an organ donor has already died.  As a continuation of that thought, organ donors are tested extensively (more so than non-donors) to make certain they are deceased.  Finally, organ donation does not cost the donor’s family anything.  And in regards to that open casket–the body is clothed so no one will be able to tell organs were harvested.  Also, they will replace bones with fakes, and try their hardest to keep blemishes to the back so the front (top) of the deceased’s body is presentable.  *Check out the full list of organ donation myths and facts at the Mayo website* Why wouldn’t you want to donate your organs?

Aside from educating people on the importance of organ donation, I had my own ideas of how to get more organs in circulation:

1:  Pay college students, or anyone who wants money, to donate a kidney.

You can live with just one.  These organs are in the very shortest supply of all organs.  Hospitals no longer disallow people to donate to non-family members.  If the price is high enough, it’s a win-win for all.  Hey, I donated my eggs to help infertile couple and make some quick cash–I would donate a kidney (for the right price) in a heartbeat!

2.  Harvest from criminals–they owe the community.

Though Lisa Ling’s documentary seemed to frown on China’s practice of harvesting organs from innmates, I think it’s a great idea.  People in prisons have hurt someone.  They are using taxpayer money to shelter and feed them.  After they are killed for their wrong-doings, why not let their body give back to the world?  We are just wasting the corpse if we don’t utilize their organs.

In the U.S. not only do we abstain from using the organs of criminals–we find it cruel and unusual punishment if the convicts don’t go on the very same waiting list as the “good” people.  That’s right, Little-Jonny could die waiting for a liver, because Rapist-Rob was higher on the list. . .  Something about that is very, very wrong.  Oh and as a side-note, since these inmates are in the prison system, taxpayers are expected to foot the sometimes million dollar transplant bills! *source for info is wiki, keyword organ transplant*

And the last stupid thing America gives it’s prison population?  We agree to shorten prison sentences if convicts suggest they will donate their organs.  Yes, we grant freedom if someone says they will become an organ donor–though there are strong stipulations that the prisoner has to bring this up–it is forbidden to suggest it to them.

3.  And on a brighter note–Make it mandatory that every person that gets their name on a donor recipient list, be an organ donor themselves.

This makes perfect sense to me.  If you are willing to take an organ, you had better be able to give something back yourself.  So you need a kidney–you can still give a heart or liver.  As a sad consequence of being on the waiting list for possibly 20 years, many people die before receiving their organ.  Maybe if they were on a donor list themselves, they could help others that are on lists for different organs.  It’s a bleak prospect, but not as dreary as all 108,000 people on all the lists to die for lack of viable organs.

How Native American would it be to utilize every portion of your own body after you die?  Give back to the world and become an organ donor.  It’s as easy is checking the box at the DMV.