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Attractive Dude Actors

31 Aug

Here is the male actor category.  It was MUCH easier to compile and put in order from most super-cutest to cute.

Paul Walker

Scott Eastwood

Brad Pitt

Ryan Phillipe

Jude Law

Andrew Cooper

Matthew McConaughey

Mark Walburg

Zac Efron

Jarod Leto

Ryan Renolds

Jake Gyllenhaal

Justin Timberlake

Ryan Seacrest

Chris Evans



Zack Rorig



Julian Morris



Ryan Gosling



Dane Cook





Attractive Actresses

30 Aug

My coworkers asked who I thought the best looking celebrity was and I had no answer.  Really, because I consider myself a feminist and don’t like to objectify, and b/c there are so many options!  So I thought I had better compile a list so I have an answer next time.  These are in order from super-stellar-cutest to just cute.  Though the order could change next week. . .  Or the next 2 minutes as the case may be.  Maybe I’ll make a list of dudes tomorrow.

Kate Hudson

Hayden Panettiere

Reese Witherspoon

Mila Kunis

Claire Danes

Demi Moore

Michelle Williams

Kristen Bell

Kirsten Dunst

Brittany Snow

Vanessa Williams

Naomi Watts

Zoe Saldana

Ashley Judd

Karina Lombard

Ellen DeGeneres

Stephanie March

Jessica Biel

Jennifer Anisten

Sarah Shahni

Clea Duvall

Ali Larter

Janina Gavankar

Julia Stiles

Tina Fey

Christina Ricci

Ellen Paige

Sela Ward

Sandra Bullock

Cameron Diaz

Jackie Warner

Gina Gershon

Melissa Joan Hart

Neve Campbell

Holly Hunter

Leah Remini

Katheryn Morris

Mariska Hargatay

Elizabeth Mitchell

Working without a Schedule. . . Or Files. [Part III]

26 Aug

It is purported that clinics should not worry about losing data.  It is supposed to be backed up daily on a DVD, goes to several different physical locations within the company, and is fool-proof.  Well, that’s only if the back ups work.  And you can troubleshoot only if you know there is a problem in the first place.  My work was doing the daily back ups for weeks, and the system said it was working, and the DVDs were copying something. . .  Then, we had nothing.  For whatever reason the back ups had not worked–not for weeks, but there had been to sign of trouble.

Hardware was replaced, hundreds of phone hours were logged (during business hours) with tech support, and computer nerds were sent out to fix the problem.  Many times.  It still took over a month to straighten out.

They had to try to re-write SOAPs from memory, had to re-enter EVERYthing from multiple months into Quickbooks, and that’s just the tip of the iceburg.  Imagine having no record for 6 weeks!  It would be nearly impossible to get back on track.  But we did it–as well as was possible anyway.

I thought the failure might have been attributed to IntraVet.  They switched to Cornerstone this year.  When we got the new operating system, we also got all new computers.  We also got instructions on how to use the system and back everything up.  And guess what?  Same story.  We lost information.  I would come into work, turn on the computers, and find error messages.  Nothing would boot up, and we had no schedule, prices, SOAPs, weights, invoices, perscriptions labels, etc, etc. . .  It is debilitating to lose the computer system if you rely on it for everything!  And sure, they might back it up in different states or physical locations or whatever–but that’s only if the back-up portion WORKS.  Ours didn’t.

It is horrible to have people strolling into the hospital, cat in tow.  And you have no idea who they are are or what they are there for.  While our regular receptionist was tied up on the phone with customer support, I had to be the idiot saying, “Remind me your name?  And your cat’s name?  And what you’re here for???”  And, “No, I do not know remember what medications he is on either.  Or what he weighed last time.  Or how much that *insert pretty much every product* costs. . .”  It was just torture.  The only thing worse was receiving phone calls.  “Ummm, no I can’t refill that prescription because I can’t look in a file to see when you were in last. . .  Or what medication your kitty is taking.”  Or, “Oh I would love to schedule an appointment, but I have no idea how many people are already coming in at *insert any time slot here*”

So stick with paper.  Or at least print everything out–just. In. Case.  Which, I think sort of defeats the purpose of paperless.

Do I Dare Get Excited?

25 Aug

Though it LOOKS like I have not written a blog each day this month–that’s only because I privatized a few of my more. . .  Raw posts.  And you won’t have any idea what I’m talking about.  But I guess that’s the benefit of having virtually no audience.  I can write posts that only mean something to me and no one else will know.

I have been on a roller-coaster ski slope lately.  A lot of downs and a whole lot of unknowns.  I hope things are about to return to some semblance of normalcy.  I WANT things as they were before this great sadness hit.  Before the questions, life choices, and guilt.

Though I am ever so happy, I somehow feel. . .  Guilty.  Why?  Have you heard the saying– The right thing and the easy thing are hadly ever the same thing.  I must believe it somewhat–that the best decisions are usually the most difficult–but maybe that’s not always the case.  If that were the case I would be married to some man by now because it is probably more practical in today’s society.  I just hope this is the best decision for the long term.  Somehow I feel a little weak.  But who’s to say what you want and want you need aren’t the same?

I WANT this right now, and hopefully this past month has been an anomaly that won’t resurface in the future.  I will try not to be too hard on myself now, but if things get even close to this out of hand in the future–I have to put my foot down.  I will remember this.  And no matter how, how, how hard it will be, I’ll HAVE to walk away.  This is the only time I’ll go through this heartache.  I have to stand up for me if there’s a next time.  Hopefully there isn’t. . .


22 Aug

It makes me angry that vet schools across the country will accept a 4.0 GPA with minimal experience over a person with proven dedication to the field and technical skills who may have a lower GPA. . .

I saw first hand many of my shit-head co-workers that did the bare minimum at work in order to write it on their app get accepted over me.  Then, vet schools wonder why students change their mind, transfer, or only practice medicine part time.  Look at the accepted people–they certainly aren’t always the most deserving.

Especially since money might have everything to do with it.  Sorostitutes who’s daddy pays their entire rent and tuition do not have to work through school so they have all the time in the world to earn those good grades.  For those that have to make their own ends meet, studying does not get as much priority.  It does not mean the latter is any less intelligent.

That is all.

Insert Vocab

21 Aug

We huddled together in my dark closet, apprehensive to make noise, and worried he would return and do something worse than defacing property.  My roommate dialed 9-1-1 on her cell phone and told the operator in a wavering tone that our volatile landlord had assailed us by kicking in the front door during a fit of rage.  The operator got the address to our secluded basement apartment and ensured us she would send help.

This was just the latest in a series of escalating acts of harassment since 2004 began.  Preceding this, I heard a sound in my living room and walked out of my bedroom to see my erratic landlord had used his keys to let himself inside without prior notice, or even a knock.  I still have no idea what he was planning to do that day, and I began to use my chain lock regularly because did not want to find out.

My roommate went to stay with her boyfriend after our implacable landlord antagonized us by shouting invective through the window a few hours after he was arrested for defiling the door.  I had nowhere else to go, forty days left on my lease, and fall finals in one week.  I was fretful the arrest had inflamed the fractious landlord even more and he would come in while I was showering or sleeping and do terrible things to me.  I locked the screen door and the front door–not that it mattered as he had they keys to both.  Then, I barricaded myself inside by pushing my futon in front of the door.  After a sleepless night, I went to get a restraining order against my intractable landlord.  I was granted an ex-parte that kept him from setting foot on the property, I was still overwrought though.  I figured if someone was willing to break a door down, and was reckless enough to come over and have a tirade outside the window after being jailed that day for snapping the chain lock,  why would a piece of paper stop him from terrorizing me?

This atmosphere of paranoia and chaos was not conducive to studying, to say the least.  At the time, aside from being enervated from fear, I did not realize I had any recourse.  I assumed since the University of Missouri was closing for winter break, and that it would not have been possible to take finals later or retake all my exams, so I muddled through hoping for the best.  In my restive state, I bombed every test I attempted, probably dropping my grade about a full letter in each class.

If something extraordinarily aberrant like that happened to me these days I would inform my professors and at least attempt to get accommodation on my final exams.  This disturbing incident taught me how to be more self-sufficient and utilize the police, the courts, and the university system that are all there to help me.  I will no longer be reticent with my school when I am in crises.  I hate that I had to go through such a trying time, and especially that my grades suffered because of my resulting lassitude, but from that situation I learned the lesson to ask for help when I need it.

Cynical of Blind Optimism

20 Aug

What kind of person does this make me?  I’m not sure, but I don’t really trust the intentions of relentlessly cheery people.  I figure:

A)  They’re too stupid to “get it.”  Maybe ignorance is bliss is a cliche’ true to life. . .

B) They are only superficially involved in whatever they’re optimistic about so they actually do not know the pitfalls.

C) They are phonies.  Pretending to be perfect or fake or wanting other people to think they’re so. . .  Zen(?) for being happy all the time.

No one is happy all the time, and nothing is without a negative side.  Instead of blind optimism I prefer an acknowledgement of hard times, struggles, or negative feelings.  I don’t think it makes you a lessor person or more cynical or whatever.  I just think it means you understand the situation fully, are more than superficially involved, and honest and realistic.

Even the Homeless Should Eat Organic

19 Aug

Again with the homeless. . .  I was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning (Food Politics) and Marion Nestle’ asked if there is an ethical dilemma giving food to the homeless you yourself would not eat.

Her (apparently pretentious, upper-middle class) readers were appalled someone would give McDonalds to the homeless–instead of Whole Foods Market items.  See my post on McDonalds and know my stance is not favorable.  See my post on organics and know that I am wary.  See my over overabundance of posts on the homeless and know that I am phobic.  I guess these things color my perspective.

Also, know that I just got off food stamps myself, and that my regular grocery shopping occurs at the Grocery Outlet.  Not necessarily because I love the processed foods that other grocery stores could not sell, but because I can afford more that way.  It’s about money.

Only the rich can be super-picky about organic, local farmed, ethically grown foods.  I could never pay $5.00 for an organic pepper. . .  At any rate, these affluent readers have apparently never helped with a canned food drive or been to a food bank.  Almost all the cans are saurkrout, beans, and other items that had been langoring on the shelf.  And so what if people donate the food they aren’t eating themselves–what’s the harm?

When you don’t have shelter or regular food, I think a bigger concern than heart problems and obesity is surviving the elements.  How the food was grown is so small a concern if you are starving!  Rather than becoming irate at offering the homeless anything less than a four star meal, maybe these readers of Nestle’s should volunteer at a food bank or homeless shelter and learn what REAL problems the impoverished face.

The homeless are taking handouts.  The cans of discarded food are better than digging in the trash.  McDonald’s food is better than starvation.  I think the real ethical dilemma is WHAT to hand to the homeless.  And I’m always in favor of food over money.  I want to feed the person, not their drug habit.  And this isn’t blind prejudice, look up the stats yourself–the majority of homeless have a substance abuse problem.  They are addicts.  So I think if they eat at all-even if it’s icky fast food or yucky cans, it’s a good thing.


18 Aug

My favorite actor is Phillip Seymour-Hoffman.

Maybe he isn’t the cutest dude, but hello–he can do anything!  And he’s always super-believable.

Second favorite is Michael Douglas.

He always pays an awesome scummy businessman.  He always has steamy sex scenes.  What’s not to like?

Third just might be Mark Wahlburg.  His looks have a lot to do with it–that guy has a great body.








As for actresses, I would be hard-pressed to chose.  There are so many talented, attractive gals I don’t know that I could pick just a few.  I would have to have categories. . .

I Am Tired of. . .

16 Aug

Doing the work of a good LVT or two assistants and getting paid like a kennel worker.

I’m also tired of never receiving praise or accomodation, but getting lots of criticism and responsibilities thrown my way.

Vet hospitals have a habit of eating their good workers alive.  They will take a good work ethic or any sense of dedication/loyalty and just use it up.

Even if a person overextends themself and works more then they want, harder than they can, and at a higher level that could be expected–vet hospitals want more out of you.

This treatment makes me tell myself that in the future I must remember the employees when I am in that veterinarian/ownership position.

This common problem makes me mentally exhausted, leads to burn out, and makes me bitter.

I dream of getting out of the tech-ing jobs for good, as in out of the field all-together–or at least getting paid appropriately for my troubles.

Or of being a vet where I can be the one calling the shots and asking people to do things to help me.