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Some Relief

1 Aug

I won’t feel total relief until I have clicked the “send” button, my GRE scores are received, my transcripts get to their destination, and at least 3 letters of recommendations are in.  But at least I got a great deal of the VMCAS and WA supplemental applications filled out over the weekend.

Editing all of the biographical, school, and background info should be a quick process.  Looking over each work/animal experience/club/sport/award of my life will take longer.  But not as long as entering the dates, hours, and up to 480 word descriptions for each one!

I still need to ask for the dreaded recommendations, and will work on my boss today, and start phone calls tomorrow.  I’m pretty much dreading talking to former co-workers at both places, I guess just because I’m antisocial and awkward, and afraid they are all judging me harshly.  I’m SUPER afraid to ask for recommendations for fear the person will be lukewarm or say no all-together–how mortifying would that be?!!!

The personal statement is also unfinished.  I still have two unique ideas I want to try before buckling down and writing the thing.  Then, there should be time to edit, edit, review, ravamp, and edit the thing.

So still a lot to do, but it’s looking better that it was last Thursday 🙂