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My Tenth Veterinary Application

2 Aug

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is not an exaggeration.  I have literally applied to veterinary school 9 previous time!  And going through the application process makes me feel like a total loser each time.

My grades are mediocre.  I worked really hard on my standardized test scores to counter this, and am proud of my resultant scores.  BUT I feel they are still not good enough to beat my vet school competitors or impress the admissions committee.  Also, I just know the people going over my record are thinking–sure she can get these OK GRE scores while she’s doing nothing but working full time–but what about when she’s taking 18-21 credits, participating in school clubs, and trying to financially make ends meet?

Then there is my experience–which is stellar.  I challenge anyone to have more.  I have worked with a variety of species and observed, volunteered, and worked in multiple types of practice in different states.  But I feel like they don’t care.  As long as my quantitative numbers aren’t up to par, all the experience, desire, and passion in the world can’t help me.

And again with the letters.  It seems no matter how hard I worked, or how close I was to my superiors it doesn’t matter.  Time and distance makes everyone forget and the letters (if they’re written at all) go down in quality.  Plus I know these people get tired of writing me a letter year after year. . .  And new connections are never deep enough or long enough to make a decent impact.  It’s just. . .  A losing battle.

I’m not certain if this is just a veterinary thing, or if it’s all program admissions.  Whatever the case I look forward to the days I don’t have to feel like this.  I just want IN to a program I like.  Then I can just work hard and prove I belong there.  Until then–I’m still a loser.