If I were a Breed of Dog, I’d be A. . .

4 Aug

Terrier Dogs – High Personality, High Energy Dog Group


The dogs that comprise the terrier group are mostly small to medium sized dogs, with high intelligence and personality. Uniformly cute puppies, these dogs are often adopted by owners with no thought of the traits inherent in most terrier breeds.

These canine breeds were developed to hunt and kill vermin such as rats and other small animals. They may have wire, smooth or soft coats and the coat type determines the amount of grooming necessary. When raising a terrier pup it is advisable to regularly handle its ears, tail, and paw and to look into it’s mouth and eyes – this will avoid problems at the vet and in administering any treatment that might be required for an injury.

Though small in stature, most terriers are not well suited to smaller living areas such as apartments. These are high energy dogs that often need a considerably higher level of daily than many of the larger breeds. They require brisk walks and play time or space to run off their energy. Without exercise, they may develop undesirable and destructive habits. Some breeds also have a tendency to bark and yap excessively.

The strong personalities of this group of canines can pose training problems for inexperienced owners. A Jack Russell Terrier may know exactly what you want him to do – and decide not to do it. Obedience training require both calm patience, knowledge of training procedures, and the ability to convince the dog you are leader of his pack.

Training methods must be consistent day after day. A lapse in requiring your dog to obey your obedience commands may require as much effort and time to correct as to teach the command initially.

The joy of these small breeds is in their excitement and happy personalities. They are funny, curious, loving and loyal – always ready for a walk, a ride, an adventure. With proper training and adequate exercise, the terrier group makes wonderful companions.

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