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Awkward Turtle

6 Aug

Do you know what is super-awkward?  Looking at “The People You May Know” tool on Facebook and seeing a bunch of suggestions that you thought were already your friends.  This can mean only one thing:  These people have deleted you.

And I always wonder why.  Did they not actually want to be friends in the first place, but didn’t want some sort of confrontation?  Did they get pissed and delete you in anger?  Did they get annoyed by certain posts or opinions and kick you off so they didn’t have to read it on their wall?  Did this person delete you because they didn’t think you cared or were disingenuine?  I always wonder.






I like to have some people on my friends list.  Just because I grew up with them or whatever.  And maybe I don’t always talk to them, or don’t really know what to say after initial pleasantries are exchanged–but I like to keep the OPTION of talking to them.  And I like to at least know what they’re up to.

On my own page, unless someone is a supreme Douche, I just block them from appearing on my wall if they over-post or annoy me in some way.  I’m not certain why some people keep their friends list pared down like their page is some sort of exclusive club. . .  At the same time, I never understand why I never hear from other people at all.  They never post, don’t respond to comments, and just let messages hang–unanswered.  I wonder–why did you bother to get an account at all?  I suppose just to lurk–which is creepy.

Oh, the challenges of social networking!