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7 Aug

I just finished the first draft of my personal statement for my veterinary school application.  I don’t know if I will post it on here or not.  It would be JUST awful of some tool copied my ideas, or worse yet stole the whole essay.  I’ll mull it over.  It’s not like I have many readers after all, and who would do such a douchy thing anyway?

About the essay–I have to say I’m pretty pleased with it.  I think it’s attention-grabbing and creative in a way that the majority of responses will not be.  Also, it tells my journey to veterinary medicine without being negative or overly starry-eyed.  I know for certain it is too long.  I mean, how could it NOT be?  Tell your life story and aspirations in 5,000 words.  Try it.  But I guess that’s why they say writing is revision.

I know!  Maybe I’ll post it on here after I’ve submitted to to VMCAS and the deadline has passed, so you can bask in the awesomeness (or criticize it if you have no taste at all) but I won’t have to worry about copyright issues.  On to the paring down process I go!