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8 Aug

Having been in Animal Science major in a mid-western state has colored my view. In class, I learned the technology behind genetically modified foods is sound. Really, it’s a good idea that allows food to be resistant to insects, have protein when they otherwise wouldn’t etc. . .

I could never understand why people wouldn’t want that. I also could not understand why GM food were always pitted against organics as if they were opposites. Listen–they are remarkably similar. Both are niche markets. Neither have unbiased scientific studies behind them. Neither have been around for long enough to know true long-term health affects from eating them. Both are trying to improve the global food supply.

After watching a documentary, which of course skewed toward the organic by the end, and reading Marion Nestle”s (trusted) opinions, I see the problem is not with the science of GM foods. People have a big problem with Mansanto,

Mansanto is the inventor of Roundup Weed Killer. It also holds stock in most of the GM foods. And Apparently, GM food comprise 94% of the food market! Well, as with other corporations they people at Mansanto are unfairly scruntinized. It’s become the WalMart scapegoat of food. Unfortunately, worse then Wal-Mart, Mansanto has done some really, unscrupulous, unethical, downright scummy things to deserve criticism.

I find it unfortunate that Mansanto is trying to unfairly dominate the food supply, because I think the science behind GM foods has the potential to solve a lot of world problems. But I agree it would be dangerous to let one company have that much power in the world.