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Steve Jobs is Selfish

9 Aug





Honestly, I hate when people jump on a bandwagon.  Even if I agree with the initial premise of such activity, ideal, or product, I oopt out due to hype.  I can’t stand when things are marketed to the hilt, so much so that people seemed brainwashed!  i-phones and macs are not the end all be all of technology.  They have their pros and cons just like any other product–no matter what explosive hyperinformation/advertising might have you believe.  It is hard to believe how many people blindly get the i-phone solely because it is the must-have cool new thing.  Have you even researched the potential pitfalls?  Do you realize there are more custimizable phones on the market that do MORE?  And do you know, phone companies have no recourse to help you if something goes wrong with your phone?  It’s true, Apple gets the final say on everything, and phone companies are contractually obligated to tow the Apple-line.

Aside from being seriously annoyed by all the “Apple-Heads” or whatever the hell you people calls youselves, I do not love your CEO, Steve Jobs.  He is one of the wealthiest people in America–the world even, and he has not personally donated a dime to charity.  That is a travesty if you ask me.  There are ZERO donations in his name or his wife’s, and when he half-heartedly attempted to start a charity company it was short-lived and unsuccessful.  See the article below for details.

I can get behind Bill Gates because he has a good, less-hyped product, and he and his wife participate in philanthropy.  I also respect the fact that his descendants get a small amount of money to start with in order teach them to be real people, and not spoiled brats.  Apple-enthusiasts, I suggest you clamor for your man, Steve Jobs, to spread his wealth a little.