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Not Exempt

10 Aug

JUST because I’m naturally petite, does not mean I’m exempt from weight loss culture. Women who want to lose weight are all around me, all the time. And there is pressure on me to remain thin.  There is always the fear of losing my awesome metabolism, and taking part in an obsession about food.

And there is jealousy towards me from those who aren’t as thin and those who may be as thin, but have to work much harder at it.  Don’t hate, people–it’s just my body.  I’m naturally this way, and I don’t need you talking behind my back that I MUST have disordered eating because I look this way.  The judgement goes both ways–every way if you’re female.  My food is observed constantly–just like any other girl’s is.  Except since I’m petite, people will openly criticize my choices and tell me I eat like crap to my face.  They tell me how lucky I am.

Then, there are the other skinny women who are super-competitive and feel it’s some sort of contest.  They will say “It’s SO annoying to clothes shop–they never have the size triple negative 0 that I need!”  Or they will pout that they have SUCH small feet.  It’s like they’re bragging, just covertly.  They make me feel JUST as bad as they make any larger person feel.

Bottom line–women have to suffer through harsh judgments and strict rules, because society values the physical aspects of a woman most.  Small people are no less immune to “The Beauty Myth” than “fat” people.  Read the afore-mentioned book.  You’ll see.