Just a Taste

11 Aug

Sight, Smell, Hearing, Touch, Taste

Before I pushed the heavy swinging door open, I could hear the cacophony of barking dogs.  The shrill yips of the Chihuahuas, the baying of the hounds, and the deep woofs of the Rottweilers were incessant.  Once inside the mahogany door, the pungent aroma would hit you.  As you can imagine, it did not smell like the Yankee Candle store in the kennel rooms.  As the dogs realized we were about to walk, feed, and treat them the decibel would increase.  The loud noise echoed off the dingy, stained walls and made talking in normal tones impossible.  Flashes of brindle, wheaten, and merle three stories high Riverdanced a metallic jig, anxious to get out of their steel cages.


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