Hype in Veterinary Medicine {part 1}

14 Aug

There are certain bandwagons everyone must jump on in every profession I would guess.  Growing up with a school teacher for a mom, I can attest to the fact there are education trends–multi-aged-group, peer mediation, late start, no child left behind, etc, etc. . .  Those may be poor example, but give me a break, I have never been a teacher.  Just know, there are trends, and following every one of them is annoying.  Well veterinary medicine is the same.  You’re nobody unless you have Idexx/Cornerstone/DR/and have gone paperless.  So trendy, so helpful?  Not always.

Idexx is not for everyone.  I know because I used it in a rural hospital from 2000-2003.  I also used it in Seattle for a year.  And guess what?  The big business of Idexx was MUCH better to the large hospital in a big city.  Their contracts and rules and sales numbers were better suited for a larger place in a big city.  Sure, our rural practice utilized Idexx, but not without much hassle, and complaints from the company, and extra charges, and missed pick ups because they were irate to drive all the way out to the boonies. . .

Cornerstone?  Not that cool.  I have used paper scheduling/billing/check ins and EVERYthing else beats that!  Well, maybe except a printed schedule–that’s always a good idea.  Anyway, I’ve used ClienTrax, IntraVet, and Avamark as well as Cornerstone.  I found. . .  Avamark (that’s right) to be the most user-friendly, helpful, intuitive program.  Cornerstone can SUCK it–especially their crazy long, manditory training.

DR?  Oh yeah, it IS actually as good as the hype says it is–if your practice can afford it.  It’s literally like cheating.  I took a V/D of a gray hound on a DR.  If you don’t know gray hound HATE to sit down, and it is literally impossible to get them on their back–impossible.  Just try.  Actually don’t.  Bad things will happen.  Anyway, so the gray hound is struggling and half lying on a patient positioner with body about 4 feet from the table.  We clicked the x-ray anyway, mostly out of desperation.  Get this–not only did we get an image on the film, it was beautiful!  AND instant.  No developing nonsense, no processor maintenance or changing toxic chemicals that eat your nose hairs right out–just a click.  Then, we pressed a button and sent the image to the specialist, and clicked another to make a CD for the owner.  Amazing.  This is one trend to follow!

Anyway, I got off track and will talk about the detriments of going paperless in the next post. . .

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One Response to “Hype in Veterinary Medicine {part 1}”

  1. Kicked Bitten and Scratched Blog January 21, 2012 at 3:31 PM #

    i’m reading through your veterinary posts, and felt the need to agree with you on this one!! avimark is what i’ve used for the last 5 years, and i love it. and DR, omg…LOVE it!!! anyone who has ever done any sort of radiology knows that DR is probably one of the most essential medical tools. not only is it clearer then film, bout you can zoom in and see things that would never have been seen on film! i remember having to develop film, and while it wasn’t hard, it was such a waste of time, we have a perfect x-ray in under 10 minutes with DR however with film sometimes it would take 30. and what client has the patience to wait that long?
    thanks for your post!

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