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I Am Tired of. . .

16 Aug

Doing the work of a good LVT or two assistants and getting paid like a kennel worker.

I’m also tired of never receiving praise or accomodation, but getting lots of criticism and responsibilities thrown my way.

Vet hospitals have a habit of eating their good workers alive.  They will take a good work ethic or any sense of dedication/loyalty and just use it up.

Even if a person overextends themself and works more then they want, harder than they can, and at a higher level that could be expected–vet hospitals want more out of you.

This treatment makes me tell myself that in the future I must remember the employees when I am in that veterinarian/ownership position.

This common problem makes me mentally exhausted, leads to burn out, and makes me bitter.

I dream of getting out of the tech-ing jobs for good, as in out of the field all-together–or at least getting paid appropriately for my troubles.

Or of being a vet where I can be the one calling the shots and asking people to do things to help me.

Childhood Obesity

16 Aug

It seems everyone is concerned about it–as they should be.  Adults in power are looking to socie-economic factors, parents, school lunches, and vending machines, but why has nobody mentioned school bus trips?  I was in band 5 years, track 8, cheerleading 3, and volleyball 3 years.  I also, participated in childhood field trips and school activities such as National Honor Society, Key Club, and Natural Helpers trips.

When we left school, we stopped at McDonald’s for a meal.  EVERY time.  As a result I can’t stand any of the lunch/dinner menu items on the Mikie-D’s menue.  Can’t tolerate to even SMELL the grease-laden food.  Other kids are affected differently though.  They learn to love that food.  They base food choices on their childhood, and associate fun trips and sports wins with the McD.  Fat kids turn into fatter adults. . .

Is there a difference between this and Camel Cigs?

I’m not sure if this is just because every small town and large city alike has one, or if there is some secret contract between schools and the fast food giant.  But it seems someone should be looking at this as a factor in childhood obesity.  Why not have the school provide some yummy/healthy sack lunch for trips away from campus?  Or maybe require each school to have food vending with healthy offerings at all activities or games. Athletic departments are big money-makers for schools, why not require some of those funds to go to feeding the athletes?

Why has no one mentioned this aspect of the problem???