I Am Tired of. . .

16 Aug

Doing the work of a good LVT or two assistants and getting paid like a kennel worker.

I’m also tired of never receiving praise or accomodation, but getting lots of criticism and responsibilities thrown my way.

Vet hospitals have a habit of eating their good workers alive.  They will take a good work ethic or any sense of dedication/loyalty and just use it up.

Even if a person overextends themself and works more then they want, harder than they can, and at a higher level that could be expected–vet hospitals want more out of you.

This treatment makes me tell myself that in the future I must remember the employees when I am in that veterinarian/ownership position.

This common problem makes me mentally exhausted, leads to burn out, and makes me bitter.

I dream of getting out of the tech-ing jobs for good, as in out of the field all-together–or at least getting paid appropriately for my troubles.

Or of being a vet where I can be the one calling the shots and asking people to do things to help me.

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