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Even the Homeless Should Eat Organic

19 Aug

Again with the homeless. . .  I was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning (Food Politics) and Marion Nestle’ asked if there is an ethical dilemma giving food to the homeless you yourself would not eat.

Her (apparently pretentious, upper-middle class) readers were appalled someone would give McDonalds to the homeless–instead of Whole Foods Market items.  See my post on McDonalds and know my stance is not favorable.  See my post on organics and know that I am wary.  See my over overabundance of posts on the homeless and know that I am phobic.  I guess these things color my perspective.

Also, know that I just got off food stamps myself, and that my regular grocery shopping occurs at the Grocery Outlet.  Not necessarily because I love the processed foods that other grocery stores could not sell, but because I can afford more that way.  It’s about money.

Only the rich can be super-picky about organic, local farmed, ethically grown foods.  I could never pay $5.00 for an organic pepper. . .  At any rate, these affluent readers have apparently never helped with a canned food drive or been to a food bank.  Almost all the cans are saurkrout, beans, and other items that had been langoring on the shelf.  And so what if people donate the food they aren’t eating themselves–what’s the harm?

When you don’t have shelter or regular food, I think a bigger concern than heart problems and obesity is surviving the elements.  How the food was grown is so small a concern if you are starving!  Rather than becoming irate at offering the homeless anything less than a four star meal, maybe these readers of Nestle’s should volunteer at a food bank or homeless shelter and learn what REAL problems the impoverished face.

The homeless are taking handouts.  The cans of discarded food are better than digging in the trash.  McDonald’s food is better than starvation.  I think the real ethical dilemma is WHAT to hand to the homeless.  And I’m always in favor of food over money.  I want to feed the person, not their drug habit.  And this isn’t blind prejudice, look up the stats yourself–the majority of homeless have a substance abuse problem.  They are addicts.  So I think if they eat at all-even if it’s icky fast food or yucky cans, it’s a good thing.