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21 Aug

We huddled together in my dark closet, apprehensive to make noise, and worried he would return and do something worse than defacing property.  My roommate dialed 9-1-1 on her cell phone and told the operator in a wavering tone that our volatile landlord had assailed us by kicking in the front door during a fit of rage.  The operator got the address to our secluded basement apartment and ensured us she would send help.

This was just the latest in a series of escalating acts of harassment since 2004 began.  Preceding this, I heard a sound in my living room and walked out of my bedroom to see my erratic landlord had used his keys to let himself inside without prior notice, or even a knock.  I still have no idea what he was planning to do that day, and I began to use my chain lock regularly because did not want to find out.

My roommate went to stay with her boyfriend after our implacable landlord antagonized us by shouting invective through the window a few hours after he was arrested for defiling the door.  I had nowhere else to go, forty days left on my lease, and fall finals in one week.  I was fretful the arrest had inflamed the fractious landlord even more and he would come in while I was showering or sleeping and do terrible things to me.  I locked the screen door and the front door–not that it mattered as he had they keys to both.  Then, I barricaded myself inside by pushing my futon in front of the door.  After a sleepless night, I went to get a restraining order against my intractable landlord.  I was granted an ex-parte that kept him from setting foot on the property, I was still overwrought though.  I figured if someone was willing to break a door down, and was reckless enough to come over and have a tirade outside the window after being jailed that day for snapping the chain lock,  why would a piece of paper stop him from terrorizing me?

This atmosphere of paranoia and chaos was not conducive to studying, to say the least.  At the time, aside from being enervated from fear, I did not realize I had any recourse.  I assumed since the University of Missouri was closing for winter break, and that it would not have been possible to take finals later or retake all my exams, so I muddled through hoping for the best.  In my restive state, I bombed every test I attempted, probably dropping my grade about a full letter in each class.

If something extraordinarily aberrant like that happened to me these days I would inform my professors and at least attempt to get accommodation on my final exams.  This disturbing incident taught me how to be more self-sufficient and utilize the police, the courts, and the university system that are all there to help me.  I will no longer be reticent with my school when I am in crises.  I hate that I had to go through such a trying time, and especially that my grades suffered because of my resulting lassitude, but from that situation I learned the lesson to ask for help when I need it.