22 Aug

It makes me angry that vet schools across the country will accept a 4.0 GPA with minimal experience over a person with proven dedication to the field and technical skills who may have a lower GPA. . .

I saw first hand many of my shit-head co-workers that did the bare minimum at work in order to write it on their app get accepted over me.  Then, vet schools wonder why students change their mind, transfer, or only practice medicine part time.  Look at the accepted people–they certainly aren’t always the most deserving.

Especially since money might have everything to do with it.  Sorostitutes who’s daddy pays their entire rent and tuition do not have to work through school so they have all the time in the world to earn those good grades.  For those that have to make their own ends meet, studying does not get as much priority.  It does not mean the latter is any less intelligent.

That is all.


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