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Working without a Schedule. . . Or Files. [Part III]

26 Aug

It is purported that clinics should not worry about losing data.  It is supposed to be backed up daily on a DVD, goes to several different physical locations within the company, and is fool-proof.  Well, that’s only if the back ups work.  And you can troubleshoot only if you know there is a problem in the first place.  My work was doing the daily back ups for weeks, and the system said it was working, and the DVDs were copying something. . .  Then, we had nothing.  For whatever reason the back ups had not worked–not for weeks, but there had been to sign of trouble.

Hardware was replaced, hundreds of phone hours were logged (during business hours) with tech support, and computer nerds were sent out to fix the problem.  Many times.  It still took over a month to straighten out.

They had to try to re-write SOAPs from memory, had to re-enter EVERYthing from multiple months into Quickbooks, and that’s just the tip of the iceburg.  Imagine having no record for 6 weeks!  It would be nearly impossible to get back on track.  But we did it–as well as was possible anyway.

I thought the failure might have been attributed to IntraVet.  They switched to Cornerstone this year.  When we got the new operating system, we also got all new computers.  We also got instructions on how to use the system and back everything up.  And guess what?  Same story.  We lost information.  I would come into work, turn on the computers, and find error messages.  Nothing would boot up, and we had no schedule, prices, SOAPs, weights, invoices, perscriptions labels, etc, etc. . .  It is debilitating to lose the computer system if you rely on it for everything!  And sure, they might back it up in different states or physical locations or whatever–but that’s only if the back-up portion WORKS.  Ours didn’t.

It is horrible to have people strolling into the hospital, cat in tow.  And you have no idea who they are are or what they are there for.  While our regular receptionist was tied up on the phone with customer support, I had to be the idiot saying, “Remind me your name?  And your cat’s name?  And what you’re here for???”  And, “No, I do not know remember what medications he is on either.  Or what he weighed last time.  Or how much that *insert pretty much every product* costs. . .”  It was just torture.  The only thing worse was receiving phone calls.  “Ummm, no I can’t refill that prescription because I can’t look in a file to see when you were in last. . .  Or what medication your kitty is taking.”  Or, “Oh I would love to schedule an appointment, but I have no idea how many people are already coming in at *insert any time slot here*”

So stick with paper.  Or at least print everything out–just. In. Case.  Which, I think sort of defeats the purpose of paperless.