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Attractive Actresses

30 Aug

My coworkers asked who I thought the best looking celebrity was and I had no answer.  Really, because I consider myself a feminist and don’t like to objectify, and b/c there are so many options!  So I thought I had better compile a list so I have an answer next time.  These are in order from super-stellar-cutest to just cute.  Though the order could change next week. . .  Or the next 2 minutes as the case may be.  Maybe I’ll make a list of dudes tomorrow.

Kate Hudson

Hayden Panettiere

Reese Witherspoon

Mila Kunis

Claire Danes

Demi Moore

Michelle Williams

Kristen Bell

Kirsten Dunst

Brittany Snow

Vanessa Williams

Naomi Watts

Zoe Saldana

Ashley Judd

Karina Lombard

Ellen DeGeneres

Stephanie March

Jessica Biel

Jennifer Anisten

Sarah Shahni

Clea Duvall

Ali Larter

Janina Gavankar

Julia Stiles

Tina Fey

Christina Ricci

Ellen Paige

Sela Ward

Sandra Bullock

Cameron Diaz

Jackie Warner

Gina Gershon

Melissa Joan Hart

Neve Campbell

Holly Hunter

Leah Remini

Katheryn Morris

Mariska Hargatay

Elizabeth Mitchell