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Red [Typed?] Letter Day

30 Sep

I got my first “like” on my blog today! What an occasion ūüôā

Really the only reader I have is my girlfriend–and that’s only when I coerce her. I am so happy that people–even if it’s just one or two–are starting to look!

And someone found me on Stumbleupon. I have no idea how, b/c I thought I read you have to pay for them to feature you. And I wonder what exactly came up and WHO found it–but YAY!

Also it makes me a little nervous about those darned pseudonyms. Maybe I should take time to change actual people’s names now so as not to get some kind of libel suit–or drama. . . That’s a LOT of effort though. Do I care if people are offended that I have written about true events?

We’ll see.

The Myspace blog I had was pretty truthful, and I think used a lot of real names. ¬†Plus a lot of people I actually knew in real life read it. ¬†Which isn’t the case here. ¬†And everything turned out fine with that. ¬†Aside from everyone abandoning Myspace for Facebook and being left with bots instead of readers. ¬†And Facebook notes just aren’t the same, but anyway, I didn’t get into any sort of trouble through my writing. ¬†So hopefully more readers are good, good, good!

It Happens Here

30 Sep
This was a very informative study about sex trafficking.  
I have included just a minimum of interesting statistics from the abstract.  
I found it after being horrified by the semi-autobiographical movie, "Traffic."
The Problem: 
The international women interviewed in this study were predominantly from the former Soviet
Union (13 of 15), and over half of the U.S. women were African American (13 of 25). The majority
of international (80%) and U.S. women (83%) interviewed in this study entered the sex industry
before the age of 25, many of them as children
Many of the U.S. (62%) and international (29%) women are domestically trafficked inside the
United States.
Some women were held captive and some were not free until they paid off accumulated debts.
The majority of law enforcement (76%) and social service providers, advocates and researchers
(71%) confirmed that a large number of women were not free to leave the sex industry.
Pimps controlled most of the money and many of the international (36%), and U.S. women (76%)
had money withheld from them.
Eighty-six percent of U.S. women, and 53 percent of the international women
reported being physically abused by pimps and traffickers
The vast
majority of international (87%) and U.S. (92%) women  used drugs or alcohol to cope while they
were in the sex industry. Half of the women began using drugs and alcohol after they entered the sex
industry to numb themselves to the trauma of unwanted sex.
Twenty-seven percent of the international women and 52 percent of the U.S.
women said economic necessity, drug dependencies and pimps who beat, kidnapped, and/or
threatened them or their children prevented them from leaving.
Suggested Solutions:
Trafficked women should not be treated as criminal illegal immigrants, but as victims of violence
and human rights abuses.
Specific legal measures recommended included car forfeitures/confiscations of men arrested for
soliciting, publication of buyers‚Äô names in the newspapers, and more ‚Äújohns schools‚ÄĚ where first
offender buyers are ‚Äúeducated‚ÄĚ about the harm of prostitution to the women, the neighborhood and
There should be some way of tracking U.S. men who travel to the same or different countries, and
return to the United States with serial foreign fiancées or wives.
More funding from the Violence Against Women Act should be made available for research,
education, training and services for trafficking victims. The Crime Victims Fund should also be used
to support services and shelters for trafficked women. When assets are seized from traffickers, they
should be used for victim support.


29 Sep

I always think people who display relentless optimism are somehow skating by, avoiding the traumas or are just phony. ¬†Saying pointlessly cheery, disingenuous, cliche’ things that ring hollow without¬†acknowledging pitfalls is just as lame as complaining constantly. ¬†I don’t trust either extreme. ¬†Also, I don’t see anything wrong with a little realism that lies somewhere in the middle.

You don’t have to be a downer all the time and complain loudly and constantly. ¬†But some practicality is healthy. ¬†Voicing concerns–then doing something about them is best. ¬†Everything has a downside and an upside, and I think both sides of the story are valuable.

Silencing criticism would take us back to the 1950’s, when people projected perfect lives–while hiding huge problems. ¬†Back in the idealized 50s, wives were beaten, people were addicted to substances, and society had money problems. ¬†The only difference between then and now–is that we are allowed to talk about it. ¬†And isn’t that better? ¬†Back in the golden years, kids were just dummies, people simply crazy. ¬†Now that we are allowed to talk about our troubles, there are diagnosis for such things: ¬†ADD, bi-polar disorder, etc. . .

I am all about voicing the negative side of things if it is truly a burdensome problem. ¬†Speaking the truth-both sides of it- is imperative to changing things for the better. ¬†If everyone ignored the problem, well it would just continue being a problem forever. ¬†Speak up–but take action to change things as well. ¬†Complaining alone is no good–you have to strive to change what you don’t like.


28 Sep

I haven’t posted in awhile because suddenly, nothing seemed good enough. ¬†I had plenty of ideas, but wanted to flesh them out more to do them justice. ¬†I felt like posting any of them would somehow shortchange them. ¬†Also, I have about ten blog drafts, but felt like I should edit, edit, edit to get them in better condition. ¬†I guess I became perfectionistic which overwhelmed and handicapped me.

trying to keep my head above water

The same thing has been happening with my career search. ¬†I feel nothing is good enough. ¬†I don’t know where to start. ¬†So instead of trudging through, or at least making a list of small, managable steps like I know I should. ¬†I’m just. . . ¬†Stuck.

I’m not certain what has been happening with me lately. ¬†Maybe I’m just tired. ¬†Or overworked–my half day got all messed up because two co-workers called in sick on¬†consecutive¬†days. ¬†And I didn’t really love how it was just assumed I would give up my half day–both days. ¬†Just¬†forfeit¬†it. ¬†No one asked, it was just sort of understood. ¬†This, more than anything, is why I need to find myself a real career with a contract and respect for me and my schedule. ¬†This thought also makes me panic and even more frozen in the search. ¬†What kind of job is like that? ¬†Where should I turn? ¬†What am I most qualified for, and would I enjoy that?

Maybe tomorrow I’ll make progress. ¬†I hope so.

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Career Interests- A Brainstorm

24 Sep

First a list of possible veterinary replacements.  First thing, I need to see how these translate to job (and pay).  Then, I need to write if they are related to my undergrad degrees and experiences.  Third, I need to look at locations of schools.  Before anything else, I need to check out prerequisite GPA and GRE scores.  Then, find out how competitive, number of students vs. graduates.

Agricultural Science




Chef (baker?)



Exercise & Sports Science

Food Critic:  No clear path, school, degree.  May work freelance with a portfolio of writings.  Can work for publification such as news paper or food magazine.  Salary expectation is about $43 thousand.

Food Science-They study crops and animals to improve quality and quantity.  Fast growth in field, especially in biotechnology.  Research at universities and government positions (which in this economy are not hiring).


Human Nutrition

Marine Science/Biology-highly competitive.  Marine Biologists specializing in marine mammals have very limited funding.  They study tissue sample of dead and dying animals.  Most career options involving live, healthy marine mammals are conservation groups, aquariums, and zoo (non-profit).  VERY competitive.


Sports Nutrition

Women’s Studies: ¬†Universities and teaching, social work, women’s centers, lawyer, history (women’s), non-profit organizations. ¬†OK, nothing very economically viable for me, or in the case of law–of interest to me.

Zoology:  It looks like most jobs are in university settings, government, or non-profit organizations.  Meaning, in this economy, low prospects upon graduation.


23 Sep

If I hear one more person complain about Facebook. . . ¬†I’m gonna scratch some eyes out. ¬†Yes, it’s annoying that Facebook constantly changes their format with no notice and no way to opt out. ¬†It’s not the end of the world though! ¬†And sometimes the changes are for the better. ¬†Change averse people are lame. ¬†They fear and hate ANY change and it makes me cranky.

And who are these people with an allusion of privacy? ¬†Hello–no one is garnering your private information from Facebook. ¬†Maybe from these stupid games you register for, stores where you imput your payment info, or sketchy sites such as Spokeo. ¬†Believe me–I had a boss who was anti-technology. ¬†Never went online at all, and didn’t even have an e-mail address! ¬†Even HE shows up on Google. ¬†I was able to see a picture of his house, learn its square footage and approximate price, and see his age and the names of his family. . .

To have real privacy you would have to give up your internet all-together and make sure you never have your credit checked, own property, or rent. ¬†Easy huh? ¬†Go ahead and Google your name. ¬†If the name is common add your state. ¬†The page will be FILLED with pieces of information–none from Facebook. ¬†So quit blaming Facebook for scattering your personal info.

That said, we all know Facebook has sketchy, and difficult to find privacy settings. ¬†I have heard that their privacy settings are longer then the constitution. ¬†But like anything else in life, it’s how you use it. ¬†E-mail can be dangerous-heck going outside can be dangerous. ¬†How many people shred ALL their trash? ¬†There are plenty of ways to compromise your “privacy.” ¬†I’m not sure why, this day in age, anyone thinks they have any in the first place.

So quit your bitching and¬†complaining¬†on Facebook–every time you post even negative things you’re using the social network. ¬†That increases their numbers and ultimately makes them a little more money. ¬†If you don’t like it, get rid of it. ¬†If you want privacy, go live under a rock!

Getting Readers

19 Sep

I changed this blog’s privacy settings. ¬†Now search engines can pick up keywords. ¬†We’ll see if that garners some readers.

The real problem is that I don’t necessarily want my hometown or family to read this stuff. ¬†It’s pretty close to home, and I wasn’t smart enough to employ pseudonyms from the beginning. ¬†Gosh, I SHOULD have done that! ¬†Now I’m looking at some sort of libel if the wrong people find this true, true transcript of the past.

Maybe now with the new Facebook settings, I can post select things on my wall and restrict Dayton and family from seeing it. ¬†Maybe that’s the ticket to getting more then 1 reader. . .

Not a Minor Step

18 Sep

My mom and Miss Mike and Shaun Minor and others were car-pooling to some teacher thing when Miss Mike mentioned how she had finished my letter of recommendation for vet school. ¬†Someone in the car asked what school I was applying to. ¬†My mom–in a major step of defending me against Mary in the Dayton community said she did not want to say since Mary had sabotaged a past attempt to get into vet school. ¬†I had told her how the secretary of admissions told me how Mary had called and said she would NOT write a letter for me (and probably more bad things) during that Cabin-Mansion drama. ¬†My mom actually said that out loud, in a public forum, in front of Mary’s sister-in-law! ¬†Miss Mike winked at my mom in a knowing way¬†acknowledging¬†that she had to keep quiet for my sake.

I’m glad my mom is finally on my side–it took her a long time to get there. ¬†And as for Mary, if she contacted my prospective school it would just make her look crazy. ¬†She has no pull there-she isn’t buddy buddy with the dean of admissions and an alumni as she was in Missouri. ¬†As far as I’m concerned, Mary can’t hurt my chances to get into vet school any more. ¬†I’m not afraid. ¬†She’ll get what’s coming to her.

And I’m really proud of my mom for taking a stand on my behalf, doing the impossible and keeping her mouth SHUT about the details of my application, and standing against Mary in a small town enamored with the longtime resident and hometown hero. ¬†Fuck you Mary Minor!

Must. Do. Productive Things.

16 Sep

My life has been consumed with work and vet school application and essay writing as of late. ¬†And isn’t it funny while you’re working so hard on one task a million things you want to do pop into your head? ¬†I guess out of need for change or boredom or something. ¬†So here’s mine so I don’t forget now that I’m FREE:

Paint anatomy animals

put songs back into playlists (effing itunes!)

“Rinse” songs

download more music

write and put corresponding pics of ANTM

make a blog on trafficking

Shoot, I think I already forgot about a bunch of things! ¬†See what happens once you free? ¬†It’s like your mind just wanted other stimulation. ¬†Oh well, I can always add more later.

Now for the Waiting. . .

15 Sep

Last Thursday I submitted my VMCAS and today I turned in the WA supplemental application! ¬†I feel good about it, except I couldn’t get my required courses to list in¬†chronological¬†or number order. ¬†I guess everyone will be in the same boat on that one though.

This is the part that sucks the most: ¬†Waiting until Dec-Jan to see if I get an interview or not. ¬†To distract myself, I will accumulate even more animal experience by volunteering at the zoo in town. ¬†I will get the application for it on Saturday-and ask for MORE letters of reference. ¬†I am also going to help one of the vets at work draw blood on her personal chickens so I can add wildlife/zoo and poultry to the species I’ve worked with.

I will also be going over possible interview questions and probably writing some of my answers on here–to practice what to say and get comfortable with what I plan to say. ¬†Ugh-interviews are not until January 23-25. ¬†Kill me now.

Oh, and I’ll be submitting some applications for my various back up plans. ¬†And of course¬†completing¬†my FAFSA and saving money. ¬†I guess there is some stuff aside from work to keep me busy while I wait.