What a BIG Day!

8 Sep

After a lot of nit-picky editing and reading, reading, reading, I submitted the VMCAS portion of my final vet school application today.  I will post my diversity essay and personal statement on here after the final VMCAS due-date just because I’m paranoid about some other student stealing my awesome ideas.  I’m pretty proud of my personal statement in particular in that I think it is different and creative and also a clever way of conveying my whole life story.  You’ll see soon what I mean.

I still have to submit my supplemental application, but it is finished save for a couple more sdits on my semester of poor performance explanation essay.  Let’s just say it’s SO nice to quickly type something in my blog without having to edit, edit, revise, and edit it some more.  I can’t stand to even LOOK at those three essays because I have been refining them so much.  Every.  Word.  Counts.  and when you only get 2000 to 5000 to convey that much information and you have to do it in a noticeable, yet professional way–it’s seriously tricky.  I can probably recite all three essays verbatim from memory by now. . .

I’m glad that’s over.  Now to prepare for a possible interview *crosses fingers* and some back up options.  I’ll think of that stuff a little later though.  For today, I’m finished with the difficult stuff and off to drink a smoothie and kayak.


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