I Must Have Missed that in the Job Description

10 Sep

I am technically a veterinary assistant.  Since I haven’t bothered to pay for an LVT license because much of what I do was taught on the job.  I feel my eleven years of experience make up a large enough background of knowledge and technical skill–I don’t need an additional piece of paper.  Even more so since I have a B.S. in Animal Science (pre-vet emphasis) and minor in Chemistry, which SHOULD mean more than a two year technical license.

Anyway, at my job, there is a leak in the basement.  It’s been intermittant for 2-3 months now.  Sometimes the floor is dry for weeks, other times a large puddle reappears for days in a row.  No pattern.  We can’t figure out where it’s coming from.  We do know it’s worse every time we change the x-ray processor chemicals.  The developer room is dry though.

Last Saturday, I noticed a puddle had formed and I told my boss/vet/owner.  She mopped it up while I took vitals on her appointment.  This Friday, I walked in–and the puddle was gigantic.  It filled the room and the water was black.  Since the puddle was bigger than ever before I dragged the receptionist, tech, and the other vet (partial owner) downstairs to see for themselves.  Everyone knew there was a puddle in the basement.  Later, I took a sample of the black water and took it up to show everyone.  It looked curiously like the dirty developer water that our tech had dumped down the sink the day before.

kind of like this, but inside

So too late, we realized it wasn’t the processor itself leaking, it was the sink where we cleaned the processor, and washed dishes throughout the day, and bathed cats–pretty much used constantly.  The leak-water sample sat on the counter as a reminder of the problem for the rest of Friday.

After lunch I had a small break from my tech-ing responsibilities so I figured I would be nice and clean some of the water downstairs.  When I told the tech and receptionist what I was doing and to call into the basement if they needed me they asked if I should clean it.  They suggested the plumber might mess it up more the next day or even have some sort of pump to more efficiently clean the mess.  I said I could at least get started in the clean-up and trudged down with plastic bags over my shoes.  I bailed dirty developer leak-water for about an hour.  It filled one of those yellow mop buckets as well as a regular bucket.  [By my estimations 7-8 gallons!] Still, there was a substantial puddle in the middle of the floor.  I had to stop bailing to help upstairs and being a busy Friday (with slow doctor) I never made it back down to finish.

At the end of the day I helped clean the floors (which have been an issue as of late) and left with my two co-workers about 20 minutes after we were scheduled to leave.  I figured the plumber would be used to sitting water, and probably had a hose and pump to get the water off the floor faster.

Cut to Saturday.  I told the above story to my third co-worker and she said she knew–she had seen the huge puddle on Thursday.  During Saturday, I’m the only one in back with the vets so I’m generally pretty busy.  I guess the plumber complained he couldn’t get around in the basement because of the standing water.  I had just checked in a double appointment and the doctor/part owner began to chastise ME:

She asked why I hadn’t cleaned the basement floor yesterday.  She was unsatisfied with the fact I had bailed a lot of water by myself yesterday.  She was unmoved by the fact I said I was needed upstairs Friday afternoon.  She said “You should have stayed late to finish cleaning the basement instead of cleaning upstairs last night.”

So I (alone) am supposedly responsible for bailing water off the floor when 1) I don’t own the building 2) I am not in charge of anything at work 3) I did not cause the huge leak by changing the processor chemistry 4) I am not a plumber/janitor/maid/servant/slave 5) I am not the only employee 6) the leak didn’t even first occur on a day I was scheduled to work 7) I make the least amount of money in the entire building 8] I was not the only person who knew about it??!  I’m not certain why my co-workers and employers seem to think I am the little peon that should do all of the cleaning around that place.  I really don’t like it though.

I don’t mind helping out with things outside my job description WHEN I have finished my regular job duties and have a little spare time.  IF people are appreciative that I did, and don’t take it for granted or come to expect it.  And I certainly don’t think it’s one of my job requirements to be the only one to stay late on a Friday evening and bail water off the basement floor.  The story ends with me staying later than my shift on Saturday, bailing the other 7 gallons of water off the basement floor-by myself, and with not a thank you.

P.S.:  What kind of pussy plumber does not have boots?  And does not have means to drain standing water?  I say, get your fucking rubber boots on, you lazy mo-fo and pump that water off the floor as part of your job!

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