Not a Minor Step

18 Sep

My mom and Miss Mike and Shaun Minor and others were car-pooling to some teacher thing when Miss Mike mentioned how she had finished my letter of recommendation for vet school.  Someone in the car asked what school I was applying to.  My mom–in a major step of defending me against Mary in the Dayton community said she did not want to say since Mary had sabotaged a past attempt to get into vet school.  I had told her how the secretary of admissions told me how Mary had called and said she would NOT write a letter for me (and probably more bad things) during that Cabin-Mansion drama.  My mom actually said that out loud, in a public forum, in front of Mary’s sister-in-law!  Miss Mike winked at my mom in a knowing way acknowledging that she had to keep quiet for my sake.

I’m glad my mom is finally on my side–it took her a long time to get there.  And as for Mary, if she contacted my prospective school it would just make her look crazy.  She has no pull there-she isn’t buddy buddy with the dean of admissions and an alumni as she was in Missouri.  As far as I’m concerned, Mary can’t hurt my chances to get into vet school any more.  I’m not afraid.  She’ll get what’s coming to her.

And I’m really proud of my mom for taking a stand on my behalf, doing the impossible and keeping her mouth SHUT about the details of my application, and standing against Mary in a small town enamored with the longtime resident and hometown hero.  Fuck you Mary Minor!

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