23 Sep

If I hear one more person complain about Facebook. . .  I’m gonna scratch some eyes out.  Yes, it’s annoying that Facebook constantly changes their format with no notice and no way to opt out.  It’s not the end of the world though!  And sometimes the changes are for the better.  Change averse people are lame.  They fear and hate ANY change and it makes me cranky.

And who are these people with an allusion of privacy?  Hello–no one is garnering your private information from Facebook.  Maybe from these stupid games you register for, stores where you imput your payment info, or sketchy sites such as Spokeo.  Believe me–I had a boss who was anti-technology.  Never went online at all, and didn’t even have an e-mail address!  Even HE shows up on Google.  I was able to see a picture of his house, learn its square footage and approximate price, and see his age and the names of his family. . .

To have real privacy you would have to give up your internet all-together and make sure you never have your credit checked, own property, or rent.  Easy huh?  Go ahead and Google your name.  If the name is common add your state.  The page will be FILLED with pieces of information–none from Facebook.  So quit blaming Facebook for scattering your personal info.

That said, we all know Facebook has sketchy, and difficult to find privacy settings.  I have heard that their privacy settings are longer then the constitution.  But like anything else in life, it’s how you use it.  E-mail can be dangerous-heck going outside can be dangerous.  How many people shred ALL their trash?  There are plenty of ways to compromise your “privacy.”  I’m not sure why, this day in age, anyone thinks they have any in the first place.

So quit your bitching and complaining on Facebook–every time you post even negative things you’re using the social network.  That increases their numbers and ultimately makes them a little more money.  If you don’t like it, get rid of it.  If you want privacy, go live under a rock!


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