Career Interests- A Brainstorm

24 Sep

First a list of possible veterinary replacements.  First thing, I need to see how these translate to job (and pay).  Then, I need to write if they are related to my undergrad degrees and experiences.  Third, I need to look at locations of schools.  Before anything else, I need to check out prerequisite GPA and GRE scores.  Then, find out how competitive, number of students vs. graduates.

Agricultural Science




Chef (baker?)



Exercise & Sports Science

Food Critic:  No clear path, school, degree.  May work freelance with a portfolio of writings.  Can work for publification such as news paper or food magazine.  Salary expectation is about $43 thousand.

Food Science-They study crops and animals to improve quality and quantity.  Fast growth in field, especially in biotechnology.  Research at universities and government positions (which in this economy are not hiring).


Human Nutrition

Marine Science/Biology-highly competitive.  Marine Biologists specializing in marine mammals have very limited funding.  They study tissue sample of dead and dying animals.  Most career options involving live, healthy marine mammals are conservation groups, aquariums, and zoo (non-profit).  VERY competitive.


Sports Nutrition

Women’s Studies:  Universities and teaching, social work, women’s centers, lawyer, history (women’s), non-profit organizations.  OK, nothing very economically viable for me, or in the case of law–of interest to me.

Zoology:  It looks like most jobs are in university settings, government, or non-profit organizations.  Meaning, in this economy, low prospects upon graduation.


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