It Happens Here

30 Sep
This was a very informative study about sex trafficking.  
I have included just a minimum of interesting statistics from the abstract.  
I found it after being horrified by the semi-autobiographical movie, "Traffic."
The Problem: 
The international women interviewed in this study were predominantly from the former Soviet
Union (13 of 15), and over half of the U.S. women were African American (13 of 25). The majority
of international (80%) and U.S. women (83%) interviewed in this study entered the sex industry
before the age of 25, many of them as children
Many of the U.S. (62%) and international (29%) women are domestically trafficked inside the
United States.
Some women were held captive and some were not free until they paid off accumulated debts.
The majority of law enforcement (76%) and social service providers, advocates and researchers
(71%) confirmed that a large number of women were not free to leave the sex industry.
Pimps controlled most of the money and many of the international (36%), and U.S. women (76%)
had money withheld from them.
Eighty-six percent of U.S. women, and 53 percent of the international women
reported being physically abused by pimps and traffickers
The vast
majority of international (87%) and U.S. (92%) women  used drugs or alcohol to cope while they
were in the sex industry. Half of the women began using drugs and alcohol after they entered the sex
industry to numb themselves to the trauma of unwanted sex.
Twenty-seven percent of the international women and 52 percent of the U.S.
women said economic necessity, drug dependencies and pimps who beat, kidnapped, and/or
threatened them or their children prevented them from leaving.
Suggested Solutions:
Trafficked women should not be treated as criminal illegal immigrants, but as victims of violence
and human rights abuses.
Specific legal measures recommended included car forfeitures/confiscations of men arrested for
soliciting, publication of buyers’ names in the newspapers, and more “johns schools” where first
offender buyers are “educated” about the harm of prostitution to the women, the neighborhood and
There should be some way of tracking U.S. men who travel to the same or different countries, and
return to the United States with serial foreign fiancées or wives.
More funding from the Violence Against Women Act should be made available for research,
education, training and services for trafficking victims. The Crime Victims Fund should also be used
to support services and shelters for trafficked women. When assets are seized from traffickers, they
should be used for victim support.

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