Red [Typed?] Letter Day

30 Sep

I got my first “like” on my blog today! What an occasion 🙂

Really the only reader I have is my girlfriend–and that’s only when I coerce her. I am so happy that people–even if it’s just one or two–are starting to look!

And someone found me on Stumbleupon. I have no idea how, b/c I thought I read you have to pay for them to feature you. And I wonder what exactly came up and WHO found it–but YAY!

Also it makes me a little nervous about those darned pseudonyms. Maybe I should take time to change actual people’s names now so as not to get some kind of libel suit–or drama. . . That’s a LOT of effort though. Do I care if people are offended that I have written about true events?

We’ll see.

The Myspace blog I had was pretty truthful, and I think used a lot of real names.  Plus a lot of people I actually knew in real life read it.  Which isn’t the case here.  And everything turned out fine with that.  Aside from everyone abandoning Myspace for Facebook and being left with bots instead of readers.  And Facebook notes just aren’t the same, but anyway, I didn’t get into any sort of trouble through my writing.  So hopefully more readers are good, good, good!


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