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No Car [Part 2]

4 Oct

Without a car, I was left at the mercy of other people’s whims. Cool was great about giving me rides whenever I needed them–but she worked different days and hours then me. Trying to hand out resumes for jobs became a challenge.  In my Jetta, I could just go–any day of the week at mid-morning when I know businesses were slowest.  Without the Jetta–I had to wait for Cool to be off work.  Getting groceries also became a chore.  Cool became my constant chauffeur.  I was home-bound without her.  Life was so much harder without my own vehicle!

It was difficult any way. Then, add in snow and a low center of gravity not quite SUV/not quite car.  And during the terribly bad snow storms of Eastern Washington, driving the HHR was impossible. That car was not made for snow–and I work on a hill.  Every day getting to work and home became a major stressor.  Cool missed days of work.  I became frantic.  It made for a long, horrible, stressful winter.

I became frantic. I needed a car of my own–like yesterday. But still, I had no funds to get one. A car lot was not an option at all. I already have crazy student loans. Plus, I couldn’t get a co-signer to attend vet school–there was no way I could get one for a car. So I looked, and looked, and looked. I thought Jeeps were cute, but Consumer Reports rated them low. I. Could not. Find. ANYTHING. Nothing suitable–or even workable was in my price range–or a few thousand above my price range. I had to wait.

People tried to rip me off.  There was an old Jeep with effed drivers seat, that could barely shift, and that had no blinkers.  It was going for only $1500?  I held out though I felt desperate and hopeless.  I kept looking at Craigslist even though I knew it was super-sketchy.  Car lots were not even CLOSE to my price range.  The cheapest (junk) at the lot was $8,000–which would take me forever to save.  At least the junk on Craigslist was closer to $2500.

So I kept looking and looking for something. . .  Anything that would do.