Possible Essay Topics

6 Oct

I do not know the first thing about grad school.  Especially how to apply to the schools.  Books and an internet search talk a lot about an essay, so I guess I’ll start there.  I MUST start doing something about this back up plan!  So here goes my writing brainstorm to flesh out later:

use concrete examples

don’t serve the whole pie–just a slice will do

Dissect 1 thing rather than all 12 aspects

don’t just state facts–tell how they impacted me

sneak in lengths of time that aren’t focus of essay (12 yrs on swim when writing about cold water)

mention accomplishments inside of another topic like volunteering

write about something not in application

could someone else write this topic?

Is there another approach to topic?

highlight growth

show, don’t tell


Here goes some ideas:

How I am similar to a maine coon cat (or other animal).

write about a book/movie

write from the POV of a disease or problem

My favorite object and why

What object best represents me

What word best represents me

explain a change in direction

specify discomforts of activity explicitly–and why I still engage in it.

Dissect/analyse a favorite or hated toy.

connect a book’s theme/character/plot to my view of life (don’t need to describe book much)

show how failures shaped me


Good Phrasing:

Include alliteration

genesis of passion

quantify events–exp:  how many mornings have I gone to work exactly?

“A jolt.  The moment had passed.  Back in real time.”

What did I internalize from achievement/experience?


Awesome Words:

“Sizzle.  Bubble” to convey the act of cooking.








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