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Brandi Carlile is Too Late!

7 Oct

Last night I went to the Knitting Factory to see Brandi Carlile for the first time.  This experience was completely different from the Minus the Bear (also hailing from Seattle) concert.  I would NOT have purchased the tickets on a weeknight if I had known Brandi and her band would not step on to the stage until 9:30 PM.  When you have to work on your feet all day Friday from 7 AM to 6 PM, even 9:00 PM feels late.  But I did, b/c the tickets said the doors opened at 6:30 PM.

Did they open earlier for everyone else?  I felt like my mate and I were at the front of the line, but when Knitting Factory staff let us in (at 6:50! gerrr) the bar tables were full.  But that was OK because the venue had wisely allotted the upstairs for 21 and over.  Never-mind, somehow, ALL the tables and chairs were already packed.  It was a total bummer, and I was immediately sad I went early if I was going to have to stand anyway. . .

How many tickets does the Knitting Factory sell?  It seemed beyond capacity to me.  People were pretty much in every available space:  On the stairs, around the bars, standing in front of the doors.  I couldn’t help but to think of the book I just finished, “Triangle:  The Fire that Changed America” about the 140 people who perished in a fire because they did not have appropriate exits.  So we stayed on the ground floor for the most part–near the door.  We did manage to find “seats” on the inch and a half railing between the bar and dance floor area.  This was comfortable for 0.2 seconds only, and we abandoned the spot knowing we would lose it in favor of buying some beer.

Knitting Factory–who do you think you are with your beer prices?  $13.03 for two plastic cups of beer???  Really?!  We drank ours as the first opener played–at 7:30 PM.  After an hour of nothing.  Standing up.  By the way, when did bands start having TWO openers?  Brandi mentioned she had opted to share the night with Justin Towne Earle because of some snaffu.  I’m not sure if the venue double-booked, or if his venue shut down, or if the timing was off or what, but I thought it was gracious of her.  But this Justin Townes Earl really took advantage of her kindness.  Instead of realizing they had to SHARE the time, he just went ahead and played an entire long set.  So the night should have been ending before she ever took the stage–it was really rude.  And neither the true opener, nor his thing really resonated with me this time, but they weren’t terrible or anything.  He just busted the time-table.

When Brandi and her band came on it was already past my bedtime.  She looked really cute and is the ONLY person that can pull off a vest–this includes Ellen DeGeneres.  Anyway, I can see why the Indigo Girls love Brandi Carlile–she is a powerful singer, her songs are catchy and personal, she’s a top-notch performer, and she already has a devoted fan-base, even though she’s just now working on her fourth CD.  A lot of the people around me had seen her in concert 5-7 times, and two girls even flew in from CA to take in another show.  The crowd went absolutely wild when Brandi and her band jammed out to Johnny Cash!  They looked to be having so much fun that how could the crowd NOT be into it?

It HAS to be mentioned that we encountered about the douchiest group of people possible.  When we were scouting out seats, these people were using their stools to hold their coats as they stood.  Then, later these same (belligerently drunk) old people shoved through the people that had stood at the front of the dance floor for two hours to secure their good places.  Then, they proceed to couple-dance in the tight area, pushing everyone around, and generally taking up more then their share of space.  Then, these people pretty much edged out everyone around them, all the while giving the stink eye at anyone who looked annoyed by their shenanigans (me).  I would have thrown an elbow or two if I didn’t think it would lead to an actual fist fight.  That sort of put a damper on the spirit of the show. . .

Set List

9:30 PM

What Can I Say
Heart Young

–>10:40 PM (left for bed)
Raise Hell
Before it Breaks
Pride & Joy

autographing for the crowd *please say it ain’t so!*

Unfortunately, I left after the second new song, because it was 10:40 PM and I knew I would pay for it in the morning.  So I left feeling a little regretful, but hoping to see Brandi–either earlier or on an eve of a day off–soon.  Maybe CoMo or Reno. . .

And of course this would be the time Brandi walks through the crowed talking and giving autographs–because I had to leave early to get ready to do surgeries the next morning!  I blame the stupid Knitting Factory, because they’re a terrible venue who can’t get their shit together.  I also blame Justin Townes Earl for not shortening his set when he shouldn’t have even been there.  And I blame Brandi for being too nice.  I am so disappointed.  That was probably my only chance to meet Brandi Carlile!!!

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