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Christmas Pics

9 Oct

I will send photos to Snapfish, then paint frames for gifts this year.  Cheap, yet meaningful.  Creative, yet usable.  Super-bonus–fits in blue mailbox so no post office lines!

Me (cause I have to make a sample, you know 😉


Dad & Mom: [pink or peach 5×7]

Aunt Linda [yellow 4×6]

Aunt Gloria [blue 4×6]

R&R [green 4×6]

Dr. Day [no frame 8×10]

Dr. Forster [no frame 8×10]

Kris [multi 4×6]

Lula [gold 4×6]

Laurie [purple 4×6]

Cool’s parents: [yellow 5×7]

Daphine: [green 5×7]